Thursday 12:15 AM on Adult Swim Premiered Jul 21, 2011 In Season




  • Season 1 Episode 9: Cause for ConCERN

  • This episode parodies some of the elements of the TV show Fringe, which relies heavily on a plot about alternate universes. Different universes in Fringe are portrayed as largely the same, but with a few distinct differences. When a switch between universes is made in Fringe, often a copper coloured Statue of Liberty in the other universe is shown to signify that the switch has happened. This episode of NTSF:SD:SUV:: does a similar thing by showing two Statues of Liberty in the other universe, even though the events take place in San Diego. The parallel universe also features other small differences similarly to the plot inFringe, for example: Instead of SUVs, the NTSF unit in the parallel universe uses small cars instead, Kove is without an eyepatch, Jessie and Sam are engaged, and all the characters wear their hair in a ponytail.

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Crime, Parody & Spoof