Season 5 Episode 18

12:01 AM

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 13, 2009 on CBS

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  • Thoughtful..

    I really found this episode thought provoking on a personal level. I was really curious to see Robin and Don being on different sides and seeing what the reactions of both of the characters would be. The intensity of the clock ticking was really felt throughout the episode. It was no surprise to me that Curtis was protecting his son but it was great seeing the team piece the evidence together and coming to the same conclusion. I loved watching Charlie multitask thoughout the episode but I think Larry and Charlie need to leave the coaching to Alan and go back to the classroom. Personally, I do believe in capital punishment, but in this situation it had me wondering. Should a known criminal be put to death for a murder he didn't commit in order to justify the 64 that he did?
  • Good episode so far just started watching Numbers the past few weeks....finally to season 5 love the show....

    Watching the episode now....good so far....Larry Alan adn Charlie coaching the basketball team is hilarious Larry is really getting into it yelling at the Ref.......Liking the Don and Robin there having a difference of opinion but I don't think it will effect there relationship that much......Wish Colby was back from his fishing trip too lol...Don't like Nikki very much just something about her that irks me since she has been on can't quite pin point what it is......Miss seeing Amita in the episode why do they have to have episodes where one of the characters is missing doesnt make much sense they tend to do it alot..
  • 2nd best ep yet. Extremely thought provoking

    Aside from "Arrow of Time", which is the best I've seen so far, this has had the most impact. Peter MacNicol as attorney John Cage on Ally McBeal was famous for taking "a moment" in court. After watching this episode I had to take a moment. Seeing what was close enough to the real thing to be an actual execution was incredibly thought provoking. And the cutting out of the sound was incredibly effective. There was enough actually make me rething my position on the death penalty. I could not take my eyes off the screen for the last 5 minutes 2nd best ep yet.
  • Well written episode but kinda obvious..

    Like I've said about Numb3rs.. this is one of my favorite shows. The action, the math, it makes the show unique and very much interesting.

    What I meant with this episode being obvious was that when suspicious about the confession was risen and middle through the episode, the guy's son was featured on screen and almost brawling the security guards.. then it was crystal clear that the guy was taking the blame for his son's deeds. Not that he was innocent tho.. he'd killed 64 people, as he said. But at least he had nothing to do with the last one, the one he confessed to, anyways..

    I don't know.. I kinda miss the season plot stuff.. something that elevated the tension and makes all the characters anxious and nervous.. like the Coby Granger spy plot.. I remember it was thrilling to watch..
  • it was okay.

    I found the story lines a bit convoluted and disconnected. When combined with the character devolution of Charlie and Larry (I found them annoying) and so I didn't care for that. And Larry's solution?: No Holds Barred. or: All In. I guess I can forgive his treachery. I did very much enjoy the song during the last few minutes of the show. Does anyone know who recorded it? Anybody? It's so annoying when you find a song that intrigues you and then can't find out who recorded it and then go find it. sigh. But all in all I enjoyed the show.
  • The flow was off in this ep, some of the clues were too obvious, too much was left open, and the cliche of bringing in pros to 'win' the basketball game was totally disappointing. All around, very little worked in this ep.

    This was an ep that suffered from a lot of things that just did *not* work. Some clues were way too obvious, the debate about the existence of the death penalty was, as someone else pointed out, old and tired with the same arguments with no real depth to them.

    If some of the character motivations weren't so obvious that we could tell you the solution in the first 10 minutes of the show, then for other characters they weren't well thought out and felt like just another way to move the storyline along. I didn't buy the some character's actions, nor their reasons for them, and too much was left unresolved.

    Then there was the disappointing development of the basketball game. I really hate it when a show brings in famous people just to shove them into an ep for no reason. And the game ending? I really hated that they went there, and pretended that it was okay to do so.

    The whole thing felt slapped together, and it left me wondering why they even bothered. Very disappointing, as I know they could have done so *much* better. There was just no story here worth telling.
  • A phychiatrist calls the FBI claiming to have evidence that a gangster just hours away from execution may be innocent. When the FBI goes to investigate the psychiatrist is found fatally wounded in his office. The race begins.

    In my opinion this is by far the worst episode of the show to date. Nothing in this episode worked for me. I found it hard to believe that John Curtis would have been convicted solely on his confession when the evidence did not support his confession at all. The arguments Don had with his girlfriend about the death penalty are old and tired. It's almost a cliche that the person who supports the death penalty would use the "Eye for an eye" Bible quote. Plus, Don's team proved Curtis' confession was a lie and the execution went as planned?
  • the team races the clock to find evidence that a mob boss is actually innocent of the crime he is about to be executed for. meanwhile, charlie tests his theories on the calsci b-ball team in a game.

    definately not one of my favorite eps. no granger? :( ok, we can see the friendship between colby and david, david talked about him all through the ep. and i'm not the biggest fan of don's girlfriend to begin with, but executing someone for a crime he didn't commit? yeah, he's a murderer, but get him on the crimes he did. and larry helping the calsci basketball team cheat? c'mon now. what kind of example does that set? if you work hard and can't wim, just cheat? not good. it seemed like when allan was coaching, they were making some headway. maybe he should coach the team. yeah, it was amusing to see the nba pros tower over everyone else, but it didn't add anything to the storyline. i was disappointed.
  • Not my favourite storyline, but still an okay episode

    So, the thing I didn't like at all about this episode was that there was no Colby Granger in it =) But, he was mentioned quite a few times, so this made his absences more bearable.. Also, there was no Amita this time, which is also sad. I just don't get it, why can't we have an episode with all the cast? Is this a money issue or sth..?

    Anyways, the story was not that interesting, but it was shot really great. Don't know who the director is or whose idea it was to play a song during the last 5 minutes of the episode, instead of having an actual dialogue, but it was great. Having two NBA stars guest starring in the episode, was also quite nice. I actually laughed out loud when I saw the height difference between Charlie&Larry and the two bball players. lol Another moment I enjoyed (as I already stated above) was having David talking about Granger almost all the time. LoL. So, I give this episode 9 points and I hope that next week's episode will once again get the whole 10 points from me =)