Season 5 Episode 18

12:01 AM

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 13, 2009 on CBS

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  • the team races the clock to find evidence that a mob boss is actually innocent of the crime he is about to be executed for. meanwhile, charlie tests his theories on the calsci b-ball team in a game.

    definately not one of my favorite eps. no granger? :( ok, we can see the friendship between colby and david, david talked about him all through the ep. and i'm not the biggest fan of don's girlfriend to begin with, but executing someone for a crime he didn't commit? yeah, he's a murderer, but get him on the crimes he did. and larry helping the calsci basketball team cheat? c'mon now. what kind of example does that set? if you work hard and can't wim, just cheat? not good. it seemed like when allan was coaching, they were making some headway. maybe he should coach the team. yeah, it was amusing to see the nba pros tower over everyone else, but it didn't add anything to the storyline. i was disappointed.
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