Season 6 Episode 3

7 Men Out

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

Don's FBI team investigates a gambling ring running a deadly high stakes Russian roulette tournament. The team gets their first break into the case when a baby monitor camera picks up a feed of the tournament. The team is able to identify one of the participants through the video feed as Glen Olin, who has a long history of gambling and had been reported missing by his wife. Charlie tracks down the tournament's website and checks it for the next live feed. The team is able to find the location of the next game and go in to take Olin into custody. However, they are forced to let him go when they were unable to get any crimes to stick. Olin has put everything he has into the tournament, including his own life. Don's team is able to put everything together before Olin plays in the final round of the tournament, in time to save him. It turns out that a reality television producer, who had been down on his luck had rigged the game for his accomplice to win. However, the accomplice murdered the producer in order to keep all the money. The FBI shows up during the final round of the tournament, takes the accomplice into custody and saves Olin.
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