Season 2 Episode 18

All's Fair

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2006 on CBS

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  • Solid hours entertainment

    Not the most action packed episode bt still a good source and interesting subject matter. The plot highlights the issues of Iraqi(Muslim) women who try to break free from the bonds their countries places upon them.

    From the start the connection to similiar stories of muslim non-conforming women will prepare you for a similiar sequence of events that have been the stuff of reallife. This association will enable you to suspend disbelief as we follow the team through average Numbers first and second acts. As usual the sequence of wrong clues are designed to frustrate the team - this is done well, with two main branches of investigation explain how the woman came to the US and leading to the reason why she was killed. The first and obvious track is the local muslim cleric who spoke against the victim before she died. The other is closer to home.

    Charlies reacquaintence with an old flame is purely a distraction from the main storyline and really doesnt augment the main story at all. If anything the writers could have tried to create a little jealousy thing with Amita. I wish they actually developed that and a possible relationship between them.

    The final act was a quite exciting and lifted an above avg. investigation (because of the subjectmatter) to a mid 8.

    Enjoyable but not one of the best!
  • Review

    In an effort to find the murderer of an Iraqi woman who had been making a documentary that promoted the rights of Muslim women, Don enlists the help of the victim's cousin. Through her cousin, Don uncovers a connection to Saddam Hussein - The cases have started to take a small decline over the past three or four episodes. I wasnt really feeling the past couple of cases and this one was no different. The only part I really enjoyed was the action scene with Colby where he got into a brutal hand combat with the dead wifes husband.

    Back at home, Charlie rekindles a romantic relationship with a former girlfriend when she visits him while on a book signing tour - Without a doubt the best part of the episode. We learned a lot about Charlies past and I enjoyed watching his character step outside the math world and step into the relationship one. Even though his "girlfriend" will likely not be back again, it was good to see Charlie in that role.
  • SACK THE WRITER!!! Never before have seen such reckless lack of research into character and slacking on basic rules of the series - Numb3rs doesn't have to sink so low as sex scenes and a punch-up apprehending someone who wasn't even a suspect!! AVOID!!!!

    From the very first shots of the statistics on screen, this writer promised something she never delivered and continued to wreck the high quality viewing that has been Numb3rs. The only real fact that APPLIED to the episode was the '65,000 IRAQIS IN CALIFORNIA' - the rest just seemed to be trivia. I'm not sure I even heard the word 'God' mentioned once in the religious sense! She then continued to recklessly abuse the characters we have grown to love so well - Charlie would NEVER have a one-night-stand without checking if she was involved with anyone else first, and he CERTAINLY wouldn't boast about it afterwards! (Plus I really didn't need to WATCH it - I appreciate Numb3rs for being entertaining WITHOUT such cheap theatrics) We have been shown his caring and considerate nature, and (congrats to David Krumholtz for at least maintaining high quality acting throughout this totally anti-characteristic behaviour)the writer just ignores this and paints Charlie her own way. Apart from anything else Numb3rs is all to do with classic structure, and all this romance did was drag him away from where he SHOULD have been - at the blackboard doing some decent maths when Larry was taking over his prime position. Which leads me to my next point - top hierachy characters Don and Charlie scarcely got a look-in on the main action this time!!! I do realise that episodes sometimes have been strongly Megan-based for instance, but in those cases the writers have shown it from the first few shots, and in this episode the writer promised that Charlie and Don would take lead roles as usual and then failed to carry it through! Colby took Don's leader-empathic role and Larry took over Charlie's place working out the key to the disguise! I am all for 2nd-level hierachy characters using their talents, but the whole fact is that the story revolves around THE EPPS! Larry AND Charlie are a team, and as much as I do see Colby as a free-agent quite a lot, not to the extent that he went this episode. OH and what was that pathetic punch-up scene having to catch the victim's husband??!! Again, cheap theatrics! Numb3rs doesn't need to sink to this weak level of viewing. On the whole it is a fairly clean production and a meaningless fight scene with someone who wasn't even a suspect just screams 'amateur!!' The amount of numeric explanation this episode was also extremely weak and the solution to the problem was never resolved - no victim caught which IS AGAINST Numb3rs style!!!

    I am sick and tired of writers that neglect the true essence of a great series - the episodes are SUPPOSED to REFLECT one another - that is WHY it is called a SERIES!! Classic structure and characterisation should be MAINTAINED for the benefit of the fans that love it. If you want to be individual - mark your own style on the world - go write your own series. Don't ruin someone elses. This is a case where fit the mould applies I'm afraid. Leave Numb3rs alone or learn the unwritten rules of talented mimicking.
  • A correction to the song listed above as the one from the love scene.

    I have not been on long enough to be able to edit things, so I will just tell you about it through a review post. (I liked this episode by the way. Just because Charlie is a mathematical genius, does not mean he can't get some love!)
    The song during the love scene was not "Vibrate" by Rufus Wainwright. It was "Oh So Beautiful" by Stephanie Dosen. Listen to it at
    Unfortunately, the download option on MySpace is grayed out at the moment, and this song does not appear on her CD in iTunes. :-(
    Maybe she will be releasing it on a soon-to-come CD. We can hope anyway! I think I will still send her a MySpace message and tell her I want to download it.
  • A poor showing.

    Very disappointed. I was expecting more but instead we got an unbalanced episode. There was so much negativity that I felt that I was being attracted to the other side.

    We all know about the despot regime and crimes committed but the episode gave the impression that religious figures sanctioned the attrocities and parents didn't care. What a load of bull.
  • Here's my review...

    of I miss the old TV Tome. I could go immediately to the site and find the music listings. It's so frustrating to hear a song on an episode and not be able to find it. TV Tome used to list all the music that was played during any series. Please start doing that again. This site is NOTHING like TV Tome used to be.
  • This just shows that numbers are great for everything but romances. traveling and distance are bad for your relationship and everyone involded in the this eposide would agree.

    Arabic female lawyer was killed while talking on her cell phone. She was staying with her cousin whose neighbor dog found her body. Her cousin had very little to say and mostly wanted her body covered. They found that she was killed with an us military 6 inch battle knife which was found a block away in the trash. They also found boot prints at the seen that came from us issued military boots. Checking into this they found that she has a classified file.
    They find out she was working for the us military. And a solider was supposed to be joining her on her flight on March 27th and stay with her cousin. They find out this solder was named Joseph charms. He has been awl since the murder. They find out he is 6’1 190 lbs. and size 11 shoes. Size 11 shoes is the shoe print size but Larry figured the guy had to wear size 11 shoe be 5’9 and 170lbs with a leg a little shorter then the other. This means he would not be in the military. So it couldn’t be shoe.
    Don goes and talks to the girls cousin again who tell him that her cousin was married to Joe. They found out that Joe was at his friends. They come to find out that the lawyer was here to testify at a trail about her rap when she was 15 years old. Sammy was the cousin of that man and he is the one who killed her. At her wake she they told everyone that her cousin was going to talk about the rap for her cousin since she is died, Sammy came to kill the cousin and Megan shot him in the grave yard.

    Meanwhile Charlie has been busy with his ex. Susan is back in town for a book tour. Susan and Charlie lived together for two years but then she moved away and the relationship ended Charlie went to a book signing of Susan and asked her to come over for dinner. She did and Charlie cooked for her. They had a wonderful time together and Susan stayed the night. The next day as she was getting ready to leave Susan told Charlie she had a boyfriend and that was the end of that.
  • This show had everything.

    I thought this was an extremely exciting episode on a lot of levels. I liked the investigation. It showed all sides of a complex subject. I agreed with some but not some others, but that was cool. I thought Rob Morrow did a great job directing. I thought D. Krumholz acting was spectacular.

    His love scene with this old girlfriend was very sexy, in spite of being pretty tame compaird to some love scenes which reveal much more, but are not nearly as hot. I liked his old girlfriend and I liked that she left. Wouldn't mind if she showed up once in a while. It would be exciting and unpredictable, and not at all mundane. Sonya Welgar and D. K. had a really hot chemistry together.

    Loved the depth of the Iraqi woman. Strong and vulnerable. And very beautiful. And finally the pairing of Larry and Colby was so interesting. Opposites are so much fun to watch.

    I can't forget the funny scene between the Epps family was priceless.
  • Numb3rs was a little boring tonight.

    I thought that last nights show was a little boring.
    This show is usually more face paced than this episode was.

    Charlie's old girl friend (who he used to live with) is in town promoting her book.

    Don tries to solve the case of a murdered Iraqi Woman.

    Charlie is told by his old girlfriend that she is fond of him but engaged to someone else.
    When the guys question him about her at home he plays it like he knew it wasn't serious.

    It was so boring I hardly paid attention.

  • Charlie gets a visits from an old flame promoting her book while Don investigates the death of an Iraqi women doing a documentary on abuse.

    An ok episode, not the best, but I still found it entertaining. Charlie shows his passionate side for the first time in a while, but instead of showing it to Amita (whom he is close friends with) he gives to his old ex Susan Berry from London. They share some good kisses but at end she kind of brushes him of…a bit of a time waster.

    Don investigates the murder of an Iraqi woman named Saida Kafaji A couple of likely suspects are formed but it’s not until her cousin offers her cooperation along with her husband (which ends being a minor spoiler…cough American) that the real terrorist is caught.

    It was a decent episode, I knew how it would, but I still enjoyed it.

    The last scene with the guys joking about their love lives was an inside joke and it did hit the mark but I hope in the future, when they actually do make romantic storylines that they actually follow through on them instead of teasing the viewer that something might happen when it won’t.