Season 2 Episode 18

All's Fair

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2006 on CBS

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  • SACK THE WRITER!!! Never before have seen such reckless lack of research into character and slacking on basic rules of the series - Numb3rs doesn't have to sink so low as sex scenes and a punch-up apprehending someone who wasn't even a suspect!! AVOID!!!!

    From the very first shots of the statistics on screen, this writer promised something she never delivered and continued to wreck the high quality viewing that has been Numb3rs. The only real fact that APPLIED to the episode was the '65,000 IRAQIS IN CALIFORNIA' - the rest just seemed to be trivia. I'm not sure I even heard the word 'God' mentioned once in the religious sense! She then continued to recklessly abuse the characters we have grown to love so well - Charlie would NEVER have a one-night-stand without checking if she was involved with anyone else first, and he CERTAINLY wouldn't boast about it afterwards! (Plus I really didn't need to WATCH it - I appreciate Numb3rs for being entertaining WITHOUT such cheap theatrics) We have been shown his caring and considerate nature, and (congrats to David Krumholtz for at least maintaining high quality acting throughout this totally anti-characteristic behaviour)the writer just ignores this and paints Charlie her own way. Apart from anything else Numb3rs is all to do with classic structure, and all this romance did was drag him away from where he SHOULD have been - at the blackboard doing some decent maths when Larry was taking over his prime position. Which leads me to my next point - top hierachy characters Don and Charlie scarcely got a look-in on the main action this time!!! I do realise that episodes sometimes have been strongly Megan-based for instance, but in those cases the writers have shown it from the first few shots, and in this episode the writer promised that Charlie and Don would take lead roles as usual and then failed to carry it through! Colby took Don's leader-empathic role and Larry took over Charlie's place working out the key to the disguise! I am all for 2nd-level hierachy characters using their talents, but the whole fact is that the story revolves around THE EPPS! Larry AND Charlie are a team, and as much as I do see Colby as a free-agent quite a lot, not to the extent that he went this episode. OH and what was that pathetic punch-up scene having to catch the victim's husband??!! Again, cheap theatrics! Numb3rs doesn't need to sink to this weak level of viewing. On the whole it is a fairly clean production and a meaningless fight scene with someone who wasn't even a suspect just screams 'amateur!!' The amount of numeric explanation this episode was also extremely weak and the solution to the problem was never resolved - no victim caught which IS AGAINST Numb3rs style!!!

    I am sick and tired of writers that neglect the true essence of a great series - the episodes are SUPPOSED to REFLECT one another - that is WHY it is called a SERIES!! Classic structure and characterisation should be MAINTAINED for the benefit of the fans that love it. If you want to be individual - mark your own style on the world - go write your own series. Don't ruin someone elses. This is a case where fit the mould applies I'm afraid. Leave Numb3rs alone or learn the unwritten rules of talented mimicking.
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