Season 2 Episode 18

All's Fair

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2006 on CBS

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    In an effort to find the murderer of an Iraqi woman who had been making a documentary that promoted the rights of Muslim women, Don enlists the help of the victim's cousin. Through her cousin, Don uncovers a connection to Saddam Hussein - The cases have started to take a small decline over the past three or four episodes. I wasnt really feeling the past couple of cases and this one was no different. The only part I really enjoyed was the action scene with Colby where he got into a brutal hand combat with the dead wifes husband.

    Back at home, Charlie rekindles a romantic relationship with a former girlfriend when she visits him while on a book signing tour - Without a doubt the best part of the episode. We learned a lot about Charlies past and I enjoyed watching his character step outside the math world and step into the relationship one. Even though his "girlfriend" will likely not be back again, it was good to see Charlie in that role.