Season 2 Episode 18

All's Fair

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2006 on CBS

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  • Solid hours entertainment

    Not the most action packed episode bt still a good source and interesting subject matter. The plot highlights the issues of Iraqi(Muslim) women who try to break free from the bonds their countries places upon them.

    From the start the connection to similiar stories of muslim non-conforming women will prepare you for a similiar sequence of events that have been the stuff of reallife. This association will enable you to suspend disbelief as we follow the team through average Numbers first and second acts. As usual the sequence of wrong clues are designed to frustrate the team - this is done well, with two main branches of investigation explain how the woman came to the US and leading to the reason why she was killed. The first and obvious track is the local muslim cleric who spoke against the victim before she died. The other is closer to home.

    Charlies reacquaintence with an old flame is purely a distraction from the main storyline and really doesnt augment the main story at all. If anything the writers could have tried to create a little jealousy thing with Amita. I wish they actually developed that and a possible relationship between them.

    The final act was a quite exciting and lifted an above avg. investigation (because of the subjectmatter) to a mid 8.

    Enjoyable but not one of the best!
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