Season 2 Episode 18

All's Fair

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Lt. Barry Burchfield calls the green camouflage uniform "camies." Soldiers in the U.S. Army refer to them as "BDUs" (Battle Dress Uniform). Marines who call them "camies."

      The photo of Lt. Joseph Karnes has him wearing a hat that the Army stopped wearing in 2001, but the photo was supposed to be current.

    • Opening numbers:
      1 GOD

  • Quotes

    • Megan: (About being held in contempt by the Iman) Yeah, gimme some good old-fashioned redneck chauvinism any day.

    • (Alan is holding plate of nachos)
      Don: Dad, those look good!
      Alan: Oh, well next time you're the cook.
      Don: Aahh, that's not a good idea, you know that.

    • (After Alan has interrupted Susan & Charlie)
      Charlie: Yeah, I haven't aged much since 21.
      Susan: You live with your Dad.
      Charlie: He lives with me.
      Susan: Uhuh.
      Charlie: No seriously.
      Susan: Whatever. (laughs)
      Charlie: I can't kick him out you know!

    • Larry: Eureka! Oh my word, eureka!

    • (discussing women with Alan and Don)
      Charlie: I've got them coming out of the woodwork.

    • Larry: (looking over Alan's shoulder at his soduko puzzle) Definitely 9-9-9.
      Alan: Back off, Rainman.

    • (Larry and Don are watching a hockey game, and a goal is scored)
      Larry: No! Test that guy for steroid use!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Alan: (Speaking to Larry, who is looking over his shoulder and offering the solution to his Sudoku puzzle) Back off, Rainman.

      This is a reference to the 1988 film Rainman in which Dustin Hoffman played an autistic savant.

    • The title of this episode, "All's Fair," refers to the expression "All's fair in love and war," the two main themes in this episode.

    • Saida Kafaji's backstory of doing a documentary about the treatment of Muslim women is similar to a real event: Ayaan Hirsi Ali's penning of the script for Submission on this topic.

    • According to legend, Archimedes discovered the theory of buoyancy while bathing in ancient Syracuse. The tale says that King Hieron II of Syracuse believed the crown that he had made of pure gold was not in fact pure gold. Archimedes pondered this at the public baths, and when he got into the pool (which happened to be filled to the brim) it overflowed. He refilled the tub to the brim, and reentered it, again displacing the water. Shortly thereafter, he figured out how to prove the purity of the gold, and in his excitement ran out into the streets yelling "Eureka! (I have found it!)" in the nude. According to buoyancy, the water displaced by a volume of gold, and by a volume of silver is different, due to their respective densities.