Season 5 Episode 23

Angels and Devils

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 15, 2009 on CBS
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When Amita is abducted by the leader of a cult, it will take Don, Charlie, the whole team, and even some outside help in the form of Ian Edgerton to get her home safely.

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  • Very emotional, high energy season finale

    This one picks up right after the end of the previous story. Charlie's jumped in the CalSci parking lot and Amita is dragged away kicking and screaming. The whole team jumps into action to save her. David Krumholtz does a great acting job portraying a panicked and stressed Charlie. He's heartbroken at the thought of seeing his girlfriend murdered in front of him, at a loss to know how to help when he learns she's still out there. Larry and Alan both jump in to help him through it. Don is awesome as the big brother who keeps his focus to help Charlie and Amita. The way he zeroes in on the crazy kidnapper's interviews trying to discern his weak link is great FBI work. Colby, David, Liz, Nikki, and Edgerton are in top form doing the leg work on this case.

    Most of the story works perfectly. The reason Amita's grabbed and how she manages to get word out to Charlie is solid. It only weakens in a couple spots just to push the plot along.

    Amita insisting she have a laptop from her office which conveniently sends two of the female kidnappers to get caught. Why would one female kidnapper try to kill the other before they'd even been tagged by the FBI? We're supposed to believe Mason sent her to be caught and lead the FBI to him for a final standoff, but how could she do that if she was dead?

    Amita wants Charlie to help her fake a hack of the bank. So he conveniently changes the display on her computer screen to wipe out accounts just so he can send her the message "Amita Duck" in time for Edgerton to shoot her kidnapper. Why wasn't she sending him code to let him track her location? They've done IP geolocation before. Or why couldn't they communicate through computer code? That's what she was typing. Mason had no clue what she was doing. (Looked to be like XML code to me with IMG tags and How much better to have her type encoded messages to Charlie with him responding the same as a pseudo-feedback from the bank. Instead we have her typing nonsense until he changes the display and puts a big fat 'you have to be stupid to miss it" AMITA DUCK message on the screen just as mason is about to shoot hermoreless
  • Very good episode except...

    I am sick of Charlie's attitude, everytime something bad happens to him, he turns into a whining little bitch. Stop trying to be a hero and just do your math. Also why is Amita crying, thats not going to save you, grow some balls and shut up bitch.
  • Not bad!! I like this show!!

    My favorite character was the "charismatic sociopath." I wonder though, did he have to die? This guy faces consequences(from society) for the first time in his life and it has to be death? Anybody out there think he might have been better off being treated for APD and maybe facing some not-so-harsh consequences? Perhaps a stint in jail and then some time in a mental health center would have done him some good. Then again, maybe getting beat up might have helped this person, too. And also we cannot forget the devastating effects heavy marijuana use. Mason wasn't in his right mind! Take away the marijuana-then see how much he complains about society being unjust, then see how much he sits on his butt all day! By the way, anyone know who the character "Ryan Carr", the checkout guy, is?moreless
  • brill...

    i thought it was just brilliant the way all the characters worked together and also how they worked individually and the ending charlie getting down on one knee and proposed. i like when don and alan where recaping on the past year and how larry stepprd up to the math when charlie couldn't , bringing back Ian was good as well and the way amita communicated whith charlie throw his bank statments. you really sore the way the show has changed in season 1 charlie would have just brock down the way hes got stronger and the way don helped him was fantastic, there where some just ok bits it was not perfect but it was closemoreless
  • The Best Season Finale Ever!!!!! Thank god Charlie finally proposed!!!!!!!!!!

    Amita is abducted. Charlie does not handle it well. A crazy man, who you can also see on Battlestar galactica reruns, takes her for help with a computer thing. The team, along with Charlie and Larry try to find her. Charlie is completly freaking out, but still manages to save the day. They find her, but the bad guys are really on top of things. After some cleaver work of Charlie and Amita, they get the bad guys. At the end of the episode, after everyone is save and sound, charlie finally, after a long wait, proposes to Amita. She doesn't say anything, and we have to wait for next season!!!moreless
James Callis

James Callis

Mason Duryea

Guest Star

Keri Safran

Keri Safran


Guest Star

Sarah Drew

Sarah Drew

Piper St. John

Guest Star

Lou Diamond Phillips

Lou Diamond Phillips

Agent Ian Edgerton

Recurring Role

Leslie Silva

Leslie Silva

M.E. Ridenhour

Recurring Role

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    • Liz: It's the best possibility yet: isolated, no street lights, lotta places they could be hiding her.
      Ian Edgerton (from above): Or places where they had a second car waiting.
      Nikki: You always got to make your appearance like that?
      Ian Edgerton: People just don't seem to notice me until I talk.

    • Don: What a week!
      Alan: Yeah. What a year! You get stabbed, Charlie gets shot at, both nearly lose your jobs. And if I was to inventory it, it gets train crashes, your escaped convicts, your serial killers, bank robbers...
      Don: "People work so hard at living they forget how to live."
      Alan: Talmud?
      Don: No, Gary Cooper, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. (Alan laughs) Talmud's got some good stuff too.

    • (Nikki and Edgerton leave together)
      Colby: That one I did not see coming.
      Liz: No! I always thought he had his eyes on you. (points at Colby)
      Colby: OK. While I'm completely comfortable with that...
      Larry: (interrupting) And you're expressing said comfort with a novel shade of crimson.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Air Dates:

      The Netherlands: July 5, 2009 on Veronica

      Norway: September 17, 2009 on TV2

      Germany: March 6, 2010 on Kabel 1

      Czech Republic: June 24, 2010 on TV Nova

      Finland: July 24, 2012 on Sub

    • This episode was rated TV-14 (DLV) in its first network broadcast.

    • Music used in this episode was "The Sniper at the Gates of Heaven" by The Black Angels (opening scene) and "No One's Gonna Love You" by Band of Horses (closing scene).


    • Liz: I thought he was more interested in you.

      Liz said this to Granger in response to guest star Lou Diamond Phillips leaving the office to go for drinks with Nikki.

      This is an allusion to Lou Diamond Phillips playing a gay friend of Michael J. Fox's in the series Spin City.