Season 5 Episode 23

Angels and Devils

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 15, 2009 on CBS

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  • Very emotional, high energy season finale

    This one picks up right after the end of the previous story. Charlie's jumped in the CalSci parking lot and Amita is dragged away kicking and screaming. The whole team jumps into action to save her. David Krumholtz does a great acting job portraying a panicked and stressed Charlie. He's heartbroken at the thought of seeing his girlfriend murdered in front of him, at a loss to know how to help when he learns she's still out there. Larry and Alan both jump in to help him through it. Don is awesome as the big brother who keeps his focus to help Charlie and Amita. The way he zeroes in on the crazy kidnapper's interviews trying to discern his weak link is great FBI work. Colby, David, Liz, Nikki, and Edgerton are in top form doing the leg work on this case.

    Most of the story works perfectly. The reason Amita's grabbed and how she manages to get word out to Charlie is solid. It only weakens in a couple spots just to push the plot along.

    Amita insisting she have a laptop from her office which conveniently sends two of the female kidnappers to get caught. Why would one female kidnapper try to kill the other before they'd even been tagged by the FBI? We're supposed to believe Mason sent her to be caught and lead the FBI to him for a final standoff, but how could she do that if she was dead?

    Amita wants Charlie to help her fake a hack of the bank. So he conveniently changes the display on her computer screen to wipe out accounts just so he can send her the message "Amita Duck" in time for Edgerton to shoot her kidnapper. Why wasn't she sending him code to let him track her location? They've done IP geolocation before. Or why couldn't they communicate through computer code? That's what she was typing. Mason had no clue what she was doing. (Looked to be like XML code to me with IMG tags and How much better to have her type encoded messages to Charlie with him responding the same as a pseudo-feedback from the bank. Instead we have her typing nonsense until he changes the display and puts a big fat 'you have to be stupid to miss it" AMITA DUCK message on the screen just as mason is about to shoot her
  • Very good episode except...

    I am sick of Charlie's attitude, everytime something bad happens to him, he turns into a whining little bitch. Stop trying to be a hero and just do your math. Also why is Amita crying, thats not going to save you, grow some balls and shut up bitch.
  • Not bad!! I like this show!!

    My favorite character was the "charismatic sociopath." I wonder though, did he have to die? This guy faces consequences(from society) for the first time in his life and it has to be death? Anybody out there think he might have been better off being treated for APD and maybe facing some not-so-harsh consequences? Perhaps a stint in jail and then some time in a mental health center would have done him some good. Then again, maybe getting beat up might have helped this person, too. And also we cannot forget the devastating effects heavy marijuana use. Mason wasn't in his right mind! Take away the marijuana-then see how much he complains about society being unjust, then see how much he sits on his butt all day! By the way, anyone know who the character "Ryan Carr", the checkout guy, is?
  • brill...

    i thought it was just brilliant the way all the characters worked together and also how they worked individually and the ending charlie getting down on one knee and proposed. i like when don and alan where recaping on the past year and how larry stepprd up to the math when charlie couldn't , bringing back Ian was good as well and the way amita communicated whith charlie throw his bank statments. you really sore the way the show has changed in season 1 charlie would have just brock down the way hes got stronger and the way don helped him was fantastic, there where some just ok bits it was not perfect but it was close
  • The Best Season Finale Ever!!!!! Thank god Charlie finally proposed!!!!!!!!!!

    Amita is abducted. Charlie does not handle it well. A crazy man, who you can also see on Battlestar galactica reruns, takes her for help with a computer thing. The team, along with Charlie and Larry try to find her. Charlie is completly freaking out, but still manages to save the day. They find her, but the bad guys are really on top of things. After some cleaver work of Charlie and Amita, they get the bad guys. At the end of the episode, after everyone is save and sound, charlie finally, after a long wait, proposes to Amita. She doesn't say anything, and we have to wait for next season!!!
  • Numb3rs' amazing, action-packed season finale's suspensful ending really leaves you counting down the seconds until Numb3rs returns September 25th!

    Wow! This episode marks the end of Numb3rs' fifth season. The last four episodes of this season of Numb3rs, with this one included, have been some of the best Numb3rs episodes so far.
    I LOVED the opening credits for this episode, they were absolutely brilliant! Normally the opening credits are very specific but these opening credits all end with ?'s which symbolize the confusion that Charlie feels when he believes that he is being contacted by Amita. Amita's method of contacting Charlie was absolutely brilliant; she was instructed to hack into an insurance database. Instead, while on the computer she hacked into Charlie's credit card and charged him for strange items that Charlie would not purchase. His credit card company calls Charlie and asks him whether or not he has purchased these items. Charlie looks through the purchases several time and realizes that the prices of each of the items that Charlie is being charged for are the same as items that Charlie has previously purchase for or with Amita. Charlie nearly goes crazy trying to understand this message from Amita though. David Krumholtz plays Charlie very well in this episode, showing his frustration, anger, and confusion very believably. Charlie is able to save Amita by sending a text to her computer screen telling her to duck down as Agent Ian Edgerton kills her kidnapper with his sniper gun. At the end of the episode Nikki and Ian go on a date; Liz, Larry, Colby, and David bond over coffee; Alan and Don attempt to recap this last year of Numb3rs; and Charlie proposes to Amita!!
    Amita's response is unheard and unfortunately you're left waiting for Amita's response until the next season.
  • After the first action-packed 10 minutes, a little thin for a season finale...

    It was nice to see David Krumholtz do a little more acting than usual. The scene where he fell apart because he thought Amita was dead felt genuine. But the plot was rather predictable and thin, perhaps because they didn't have enough time to develop the Mason character into a more heinous and frightening villain (maybe they were relying too much on James Callis being Gaius Baltar).

    I suspect that the engagement arc will not end in a wedding (at least not this season or until the very end of it), but I'm hoping it does because it would feel more "real." Attempts to glamorize or sexify the Amita character as a free agent would feel very weird (she's already way too hot for Epsie as it is). Besides, we all know that the "hot" has been brought by the regular appearances of Aya Sumika and Sophina Brown. Personally, I'm a fan of Agent Liz and I hope she gets more face time in the future.
  • Awesome season finale!

    The thing I love about this show- unlike all the others crime shows on CBS it does not feel the need to kill off its characters for more drama. When an actor wants to leave the show they just find a reasonable way to explain his/hers departure (I still miss Megan..). It is so nice to have a season end with a wedding proposal. I like how there was no answer to Charlie's question. Guess this still leaves the possibility for Amita to actually say no (though I don't really believe it =) ).

    The whole idea of this episode was great. I admire David Krumholtz for his acting skills and the writers for not trying to make him a hero (cause let's face it-a month genious is no Bruce Willis =) ) DK sold Charlie's emotions completely. It looked real and believable.

    It was also nice to have LDP back. The guy is amazing, it would be really nice if they could make him a regular.. The ending with the crue laughing was great I missed these moments. I'm still not a fan of Nikkis character..guess that's because I miss Megan. I hope I like her next season.

    So overall, this was a great season finale. Already waiting for the next season
  • A thrilling and fitting season finale!

    This season has really been above the bar with both story line and characters and this episode does an amazing job of ending an amazing season! The episode really keeps you on the edge of your seat emotionally, seeing the raw emotions of all the characters. I was afraid that Amita's kidnapping would be cheesey and cliche'd but it really wasn't. Charlie's raw emotions and Don really caring for his brother helped keep the episode on the right track. There was some reminissing about the previous year and it really helped me remember how good it was! The end helped circle round all that had been learned this season: Charlie with his relationship and Don with himself. And it was good. Now I'm really looking forward to next season, and the journey will go through with the characters then. But for now I'll be happy to rewatch this seasons episodes, including this one! Until next season- A Numb3rs fan.
  • The fifth season ends with the team in a desparate search for Amita, who has been kidnapped by a self-proclaimed savior who leads a tribe of runaway women. A severly distraught Charlie tries his best to help in the search.

    After so many cliffhangers, it's a welcome relief to see a season that ends on a positive note. "Angels & Devils" (Why does that title sound so familiar?), while not being perfect, works well mainly because of its well written script. Seeing how Amita manages to outsmart and deceive her captors is the high point of this episode. I did have some problems with the villians however. The dialogue of the tribal master was a bit corny and contrived. The dialogue of the followers, did not come across well either. Despite that I still think this episode is worth seeing.
  • Season Finale - Spoilers ahead

    So another season of Numb3rs has yet come to an end.

    Amita has been abducted by a cult in order to clear credit card debts (I think; maybe they meant the complete accounts?). She manages to communicate to Charlie using his credit card information, pretending to buy items he recognizes as presents he gave her. By changing the prices of those items she sends him the IP adress of the laptop she's using, so Charlie can find out what she is doing for Mason Duryea (our bad guy).
    With the help of the whole team, Larry and Edgerton they manage to save Amita. While Don and Alan are at the house, talking about the last year and what happened and how "being there for someone" can change life, Charlie is at the University with Amita. After saying this made him realize what is important since no one ever knows where life might lead you, he asks her to marry him.

    What I like so much about Numb3rs is that it is predictable. Main characters don't just die, the good people are good, the bad ones are (mostly) bad. No unforeseen changes occur. I never expect anyone to go crazy or to get killed in an explosion or shooting. And what's most important - the good guys always win.
    It is different from the other shows I watch (for example House and Grey's Anatomy) and that's what I like about it. It feels refreshing to watch an action drama where people can trust one another.
    There is still so much unused potential in the show, I hope the writers realize that for the next season (that will hopefully come next autumn?).

    So - nice ending for the season, half-cliffhanger if you think that Amita could turn down the proposal. A solid 8/10 :)
  • Realizing what's important.

    I am so glad they didn't leave Amita's fate last week as the season finale until fall. I loved the return of Ian Edgerton as the team scrambles to find Amita and the cult that took her. One of the aspects of this episode that I actually really liked was Charlie initially taking a step back and Larry stepping forward in the math department. I thought Amita communicating with Charlie through charges on his credit card was pretty creative. I loved seeing the team come together in efforts to save their colleague as well as recognizing somewhere along the line, she became a friend. Seeing Don's amazing insight as to how Mason thinks and utilizing his 'flock" to get to him was great. Charlie getting down on one knee was perfect.