Season 5 Episode 23

Angels and Devils

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 15, 2009 on CBS

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  • Awesome season finale!

    The thing I love about this show- unlike all the others crime shows on CBS it does not feel the need to kill off its characters for more drama. When an actor wants to leave the show they just find a reasonable way to explain his/hers departure (I still miss Megan..). It is so nice to have a season end with a wedding proposal. I like how there was no answer to Charlie's question. Guess this still leaves the possibility for Amita to actually say no (though I don't really believe it =) ).

    The whole idea of this episode was great. I admire David Krumholtz for his acting skills and the writers for not trying to make him a hero (cause let's face it-a month genious is no Bruce Willis =) ) DK sold Charlie's emotions completely. It looked real and believable.

    It was also nice to have LDP back. The guy is amazing, it would be really nice if they could make him a regular.. The ending with the crue laughing was great I missed these moments. I'm still not a fan of Nikkis character..guess that's because I miss Megan. I hope I like her next season.

    So overall, this was a great season finale. Already waiting for the next season