Season 5 Episode 23

Angels and Devils

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 15, 2009 on CBS

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  • After the first action-packed 10 minutes, a little thin for a season finale...

    It was nice to see David Krumholtz do a little more acting than usual. The scene where he fell apart because he thought Amita was dead felt genuine. But the plot was rather predictable and thin, perhaps because they didn't have enough time to develop the Mason character into a more heinous and frightening villain (maybe they were relying too much on James Callis being Gaius Baltar).

    I suspect that the engagement arc will not end in a wedding (at least not this season or until the very end of it), but I'm hoping it does because it would feel more "real." Attempts to glamorize or sexify the Amita character as a free agent would feel very weird (she's already way too hot for Epsie as it is). Besides, we all know that the "hot" has been brought by the regular appearances of Aya Sumika and Sophina Brown. Personally, I'm a fan of Agent Liz and I hope she gets more face time in the future.