Season 5 Episode 23

Angels and Devils

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 15, 2009 on CBS

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  • Numb3rs' amazing, action-packed season finale's suspensful ending really leaves you counting down the seconds until Numb3rs returns September 25th!

    Wow! This episode marks the end of Numb3rs' fifth season. The last four episodes of this season of Numb3rs, with this one included, have been some of the best Numb3rs episodes so far.
    I LOVED the opening credits for this episode, they were absolutely brilliant! Normally the opening credits are very specific but these opening credits all end with ?'s which symbolize the confusion that Charlie feels when he believes that he is being contacted by Amita. Amita's method of contacting Charlie was absolutely brilliant; she was instructed to hack into an insurance database. Instead, while on the computer she hacked into Charlie's credit card and charged him for strange items that Charlie would not purchase. His credit card company calls Charlie and asks him whether or not he has purchased these items. Charlie looks through the purchases several time and realizes that the prices of each of the items that Charlie is being charged for are the same as items that Charlie has previously purchase for or with Amita. Charlie nearly goes crazy trying to understand this message from Amita though. David Krumholtz plays Charlie very well in this episode, showing his frustration, anger, and confusion very believably. Charlie is able to save Amita by sending a text to her computer screen telling her to duck down as Agent Ian Edgerton kills her kidnapper with his sniper gun. At the end of the episode Nikki and Ian go on a date; Liz, Larry, Colby, and David bond over coffee; Alan and Don attempt to recap this last year of Numb3rs; and Charlie proposes to Amita!!
    Amita's response is unheard and unfortunately you're left waiting for Amita's response until the next season.