Season 5 Episode 23

Angels and Devils

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 15, 2009 on CBS

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  • Very emotional, high energy season finale

    This one picks up right after the end of the previous story. Charlie's jumped in the CalSci parking lot and Amita is dragged away kicking and screaming. The whole team jumps into action to save her. David Krumholtz does a great acting job portraying a panicked and stressed Charlie. He's heartbroken at the thought of seeing his girlfriend murdered in front of him, at a loss to know how to help when he learns she's still out there. Larry and Alan both jump in to help him through it. Don is awesome as the big brother who keeps his focus to help Charlie and Amita. The way he zeroes in on the crazy kidnapper's interviews trying to discern his weak link is great FBI work. Colby, David, Liz, Nikki, and Edgerton are in top form doing the leg work on this case.

    Most of the story works perfectly. The reason Amita's grabbed and how she manages to get word out to Charlie is solid. It only weakens in a couple spots just to push the plot along.

    Amita insisting she have a laptop from her office which conveniently sends two of the female kidnappers to get caught. Why would one female kidnapper try to kill the other before they'd even been tagged by the FBI? We're supposed to believe Mason sent her to be caught and lead the FBI to him for a final standoff, but how could she do that if she was dead?

    Amita wants Charlie to help her fake a hack of the bank. So he conveniently changes the display on her computer screen to wipe out accounts just so he can send her the message "Amita Duck" in time for Edgerton to shoot her kidnapper. Why wasn't she sending him code to let him track her location? They've done IP geolocation before. Or why couldn't they communicate through computer code? That's what she was typing. Mason had no clue what she was doing. (Looked to be like XML code to me with IMG tags and How much better to have her type encoded messages to Charlie with him responding the same as a pseudo-feedback from the bank. Instead we have her typing nonsense until he changes the display and puts a big fat 'you have to be stupid to miss it" AMITA DUCK message on the screen just as mason is about to shoot her