Season 5 Episode 19

Animal Rites

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2009 on CBS

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  • Members of a radical animal rites group break into a research lab at Cal-Sci to release the animals and bomb the lab. Things take a tragic turn when a professor walks in on the radicals and is killed by them. Charlie and the team investigate.

    I have seen better episodes of "Numb3rs" and I have seen worse. While this episode might not be one of the most memorable, it does have its strong points. One thing that stood out for me was the activist who said at the beginning of the episode that animal rites groups should go after factory farms instead of research labs. I do not advocate bombing buildings or violence, but that is a very valid point. As is the case with many episodes, seeing Charlie and Larry crack the case was the highlight of the episode. An episode worth your time.
  • Overall Great Epsiode.

    One of the things I liked is that within the script both sides of the animal testing issue without getting overly complicated. I found the script pretty powerful in showing how Charlie, Amita and Larry feel about CalSi, it's their home and when it's violated like it was tonight can leave you feeling vulnerable. I appreciated Nikki pushing some boundaries tonight. Although I think Nikki had some points, so did Don and in this case I think Nikki should have respected Don's experience as well as authority. I found the intertwining of mental illness into the script pretty believable and creative.
  • Great Episode so.....

    Another good episode of numbers....Charlie Larry and Amita working togehter great as always.....Nikki don't like to much she has never done negotiations like this she is new and she thinks its ok to just lie to someone and give them what they want Don has been doing this along time and she needs to respect him and respect his orders not question him she hasn't been around long enough to do that....I feel like Don always has to tell her things more then once.....I haven't liked her character from the beginning and haven't been able to find anything i like about her....Wish Colby was on where is he??????