Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 21, 2005 on CBS

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  • This episode was not up to the quality of this show. It was very disjointed and the storyline was very weak. This was just an off week for a usually excellent show.

    This episode was not up to the quality of this show. It was very disjointed and the storyline was very weak. It started out with David and Colby showing up to a womens apartment and arresting a guy for having fake passports and this assasin coded book. Without knowing why they were even going there. Then the guy gets shot coming out the back of the police station. The Columbia guy who was the target drowns, some guy named Condor is the supposed assasin. Don and Charlie are getting into it for no apparent reason except to point out they have their own lives and don\'t want to go with Alan to Aunt Irenes party. In the end, the Columbian son target goes back to Columbia still a target, the assasin who strangely looks like the passport guy who got shot earlier gets gunned down in a set up. This show is usually Awesome. We'll leave it at that.
  • Nothing special.

    This episode wasn't the best but it was good. I think Charlie should have worked at least a little bit more to crack the code. Besides that the producers should check their facts better, the Condor Operation was signed by Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. Not Colombia.
  • Doesn't live up to this good show.

    I have to say that this episode was under the normal standards for numb3rs. I usually enjoy it very much. I believe this episode was mostly disappointing. Too much of a covert ops deal with this episode. It felt really weak and poorly done. Which is quite out of character for this show. I didn't enjoy the bit of character development. Charlie gets a real feel for the danger that Don is in everyday. Something that Charlie doesn't really think about. Now if Charlie would realize just how much danger he put himself into by helping we wouldn't have a show.
  • I keep watching every week...

    I like how Charlie gets close to every victim or their families, he´s the human side of the investigation. Amita is so ungrateful. Charlie buys the tickets for her and she had already made plans? I hate her!
    Poor Gabriel Ruiz. He had his own life away from all the danger in his country and they find him. Can you imagine being told that there is no safe place for you? I understand why Charlie feels like committed to be with his father, but living with him doesnt mean that he has to be with him all the time. Don, however, tells him that they should leave his father alone, but somehow their father is their responsibility, not only Charlie's. It was an in interesting case, however, I dont understand how the two agents at Ruiz house didnt think of the guy who saved him as a suspect.

  • Review

    I thought that the episode started out kind of slow, got kind of intense once the assassination plot started coming together, then the ending was kind of not what i was looking for. I feel like the real case behind everything didnt get solved. Most of the time I feel like the case has been completed when the killer is killed, however this time I felt there was still something more behind the case that we didnt really get to see. The non-case drama in this episode was pretty irrelevant. Amita and Charlie dont seem to be going anywhere and anything Don had with the lawyer at the beginning of the episode seems to have dissapered. All in all it was an average episode of numbers, I just thought the ending could have been written better
  • Interesting episode...

    Charlie and Don discovered there will be assassin. I am getting lot of impression that Charlie talked about his experience at NSA in the past. Ruiz was so frustrated that he can't protects himself or tired of FBI protect him too. This episode is really great. I can't believe it that Amita didn't tell Charlie that she can't go to concert because she had to go to San Diego. Why she tell Charlie a last minute, god! Amita is so stupid to not tell him. Charlie did got a concert tickets from friend or his student. Amita think Charlie can't get a ticket! Amita need to grow up and should think Charlie can do it! Great episode!