Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 05, 2006 on CBS

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  • Superb plot, limited only by execution


    Great idea for a plot providing the platform for a superb episode. The clever use of multiple conflicts involving the brothers, the bank staff, and even the original facilitators of the crime means that the episode never gets boring. It does have a few lulls in action, and I did find these to be not very well placed.

    However, that shouldnt detract you from what is essentially an engaging episode that touches on many aspects of crime, law enforcement and maths. I do think there isnt enough coverage of maths in Numb3rs, but when you consider that the audience and the scope of the show its probably about right. The particular crime in this episode does an excellent job of taking you on the journey of the characters and immerses you in the situation of what we know its like having to rely on technology and goes on to demonstrate what it could be like when things goes wrong because of dangerous criminal elements.

    While others did like the brothers relationship development I have to admit that I didnt find this at all entertaining, even if Charlie and Don original cause for argument - Don having Charlie off the case because of the Russian mafia involvment - was valid.

    Overall, a great use of subject matter. More family conflict and a great case forms a show with mild twists and a few surprises.

    - I cant remember if this is the episode where the brothers are having various dreams... if it is, I didnt particularly like the use of them!
  • After capturing two hackers, some russians get into Don's account and deleted all his money! Which leads Charlie and Amita to folow their way throw the internet to get them, not knowing that it will be a trap for the FBI agents. It's getting personal...

    Exactly why i watch this series.. The whole plot was magnificient! I mean we all know how dependent we are from computers, I mean I found it great that in the end you see even the FBI using navigation, which also is hackable (i don't think it was a coincidence that they show that)... but that wasn't the best part. First thing Agent David Sinclair gets a bit more caracter here.. gettin shot and then being with the Eppes. But what I like the most about the show is the relation between the brothers. In this episode you can see some brilliant acting from both of them, they got a great plot here together. I found they scipped that on a few episodes lately but this one was totally making up for it. First thing Don lying to Charlie to get him off the case since he is really worried about him gettin hurt. Then the great scene when Charlie asks in his lecture how to call the police/FBI/campus-security as fast as possible *lol*. Shortly after that the great scene where Don and his Dad scream at each other because Charlie was in danger. And last but not least the final scene: stubborn, so different, but so much alike !!! There were lots of precious moments in this one!
  • Review

    I thought that the episode was good. There wasn’t a whole lot of math used in this episode and the analogys with the football players wasn’t exactly something that I was connecting with. Not because I don’t watch football, but mainly because I don’t see how football connected to Charlies theme theory other then that the guys were trying to do something to distract Don and his team. I didn’t really believe the storyline, though I thought the acting done by Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz was done really well in this episode. The fighting and nit picking between the two was outstandingly done. The scene with Alan, Done and Charlie all fighting after they learned that the mob had been to there house was amazing and I thought it saved the episode. There was no cool “outside the case” drama that was worth noting, pretty average episode for Numbers.
  • Outstanding episode in every respect.

    This was such a great episode. I thoroughly enjoyed watching as Charlie coped with the absolute shock of nearly being shot. He's heard the others talk about the experience, been at the scene during shoot-outs, but this was the first time that I can remember that he was himself nearly shot. To watch him trying to deal with the fear that this experience brought was as true to life as anything this series has shown. I was glad to see how the others worked with him to overcome this fear. I dare say that Don was as scared for Charlie as their father was.
  • The attack his home!

    This was a great episode that I especially liked as a fan of the show and a computer science major. Great mix of technical and action. The technical information was very accurate and informational. The show featured a very new technique for tracking information paths, specifically for e-mail spam known as "backscatter". This episode was fun to watch and I would highly recommend it to all numb3rs fans as well as people like computers and security stuff. This episode had me glued to the screen non-stop and really reminds me why I love this show so much. A great episode all around.
  • This time it is personal!

    When some bank robbers rob a bank with two billion
    Not million but two billion dollars in LA, it gets
    This time personal for the Epps family. As Don can't use
    His credit nor bank cards as the robbers take his identity
    With many others who bank with the bank. Very well-written & also just trying to get back your credit and bank cards as well as your life when somebody tries to still can be a nightmare!