Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 05, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • During the episode Amita mentions 'ICMP' – this is the Internet Control Message Protocol, a way of reporting diagnostic and error messages on internet-compatible networks.

    • The MATH in this episode included:

      Explicit Functions
      Implicit Functions
      Geometric Progression and Exponential Growth.

    • Opening numbers:
      16 DIGITS
      2 PHISHERS

    • David Sinclair's gunshot injury in this episode was based on an injury that actually happened to one of the consultants connected with the show. He was shot in the shoulder in the line of duty as a law enforcement officer and was back to work in three weeks.

    • Megan: It's hard to argue with a guy who won three Super Bowls in the past four years...

      At the time of airing on May 5, 2006, this statement was no longer true. With the Pittsburgh Steelers' victory in Super Bowl XL, the past four Super Bowl winners (in reverse chronological order) were the aforementioned Steelers, the New England Patriots (twice), and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers... and then the Patriots again, five years prior to airing.

    • In the classroom scene where Charlie was teaching in the lecture hall, there were two Russian mobsters, one of whom was wearing sunglasses. The two actors who'd showed up for filming that day were not intimidating enough, so the office production assistant and series creator, Nick Falacci (wearing sunglasses), acted as stand-ins.

  • Quotes

    • Charlie: There's a pattern to everything that Koverchenko's done, I can feel it!
      David: You "can feel it"? Is that a math term?

    • David: You know, for a really nice guy, you've got two very stubborn kids!
      Alan: Well, they get that from their mother. The only thing that could change her mind was, you, I can't really say it, I couldn't manage myself!

    • Charlie: (About Don) He's still lead agent, I knew it!
      Amita: Why would he lie to you, Charlie?
      Charlie: I don't know... But if he's still on the case, so am I!

    • Walker: You know the saying about the Russian mob?
      Don: What's that?
      Walker: They'll shoot you, just to see if the gun works.

    • Amita: I'm all for giving up wealth and material possessions.
      Charlie: Living like a monk?
      Amita: No, like a grad student.

    • Colby (To Don, regarding an injured David): He says to tell you he wants back ASAP; and no I can't have his desk.

    • Amita: Oh, by the way, Larry called from his string theory conference. Uh, he was confused about something.
      Charlie: What, his double special relativity theory?
      Amita: No... whether he was in St. Louis or Cleveland.
      Charlie: He's so geographically challenged. Where is his conference?
      Amita: Minneapolis.

    • Charlie: If you call me 'Chuck' one more time, I swear...
      Don: Well, how about I call you 'Chuckie'?
      Charlie: How about I call you 'Donald'?
      Don: How about I call you 'Nerd'?...
      (Fade to credits)

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