Season 4 Episode 13

Black Swan

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2008 on CBS

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  • Instinct is a great attribute.

    I really like how this script was plotted and written. Our team starts on one bust and breaks an even bigger one. I liked how the teams instincts were the focus. From Don's picking up the seemingly innoccent by-stander as a possible suspect. To him butting heads with Megan because his instincts are telling him there is something more than meets the eye. The militia group was a interesting aspect. Again it is showing that we still need to be vilagent in protecting ourselves from pointless attacks. Even if those attacks begin here at home. Charlie's instincts are always in-tune but the focus of his instincts have switched to Amita as well as the case. The peak at a couple of characters personal lives was nice but also brought up some unanswered questions on the direction they are headed.
  • You know, is it just me or was there something really off about this episode? Was it the story? Didn't the actors click right? I don't know but it just didn't feel like the usual ep. Even the action was... slower, lazier.

    I liked Don bending the rules. I liked Charlie all excited about black boards. I think even Amita is starting to grow on me. I liked Larry and Megan...

    But for me, this episode's stars were definitely Colby and David. I loved the scene with them sitting in the car and having nothing to talk about. It felt like a really awkward date XD And Colby climbing up the trelis... "Yeah. Colby, go down the elevator shaft. Colby, jump in the bay. Hey, Colby, climb the Sixth Street Bridge." That was really cute!

    So all in all, it was good but not great. A decent episode but definitely not among their better ones.

    BTW - ratings for this episode on Friday, April 4th: 10 mil. viewers in final numbers.
  • Welcome back Numb3rs!

    I have missed this show! I know it's dorky to be so excited about a Friday night tv show. But, I am a teacher; my Friday nights are spent in front of the tv because I have no energy left! But, I digress. This is a very good first episode back. It was almost like getting a season premier all over again. I thought the concept behind this particular episode was really neat. The "black swan" event was actually unpredictable which is nice because sometimes the conclusions on Numb3rs can be too obvious. Megan stole the show with her car wreck scene. As always Larry's dry sense of humor was fantastic. The relationship between Charlie and Amita is still going strong, which makes me very happy. I am so glad this show is back!
  • a great episode like all the other of this series

    i just started to get some intrest on this series. i have seen almost all the episode and i have to tell you that the publicity that they make to for it does not macht the quality of the show (i think that the publiciy sells short the show). In this episode we see how the math once again becomes the center piece of the show. The usage of common sence viewed from a math genius help once again the FBi using the black swan to divert the attention of a local terro cell and help the feds to arrest the main guys in the cell
  • It might just be me, but I thought it was a bit off.

    Okay, first of all, i liked this episode. It was very good. Lots of David and Colby, some decent action-y scenes, interesting case.

    But I didn't like how several characters had significantly changed since we saw them last, before the Writer's Strike interrupted us.

    Don was randomly angsty. He's been this angsty before- over a year ago. That was season 3 Don. Season 4 Don seemed to be better, but now he's apparently stopped going to his therapist and is all "what's the point" again.

    And Megan's angst from the first part of the season which seemed to be getting better is suddenly relapsed, though I guess there is a reason why.

    Charlie and Amita are randomly even closer now, which is very cute, but a little unexpected.

    Since there's no real established amount of time since the last episode, i guess it's possible that it's been several months and they really have changed... but I'm kind of getting the feeling that they just sat down and went "well where are we going to take these characters in the next 4 episodes."

    P.S. I'm really thinking a Charlie/Amita engagement is coming pretty soon... maybe even by the end of the season?
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