Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 2006 on CBS
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Blackouts leave Los Angeles in the dark. Don must work with his entire team to figure out if the power outages are a catastrophic accident or the sinister plot of terrorists.

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  • A person or persons is intentionally knocking out power stations in Los Angeles causing costly blackouts. Initially Don and his team think striking electrical workers are the culprits, but Charlie soon steps in and offers his own theory.moreless

    As the mid-point in the season nears it is safe to say that Numb3rs is having its best season yet. This episode is extremely well written and will keep the viewer hooked all the way to the end. Don's investigation, Charlie's compelling theories and an excellent finale are some of the numerous reasons why this episode works so well. Hopefully Numb3rs will keep up the good work for the rest of the season and beyond.moreless
  • Exciting episode

    This is one of the most exciting episodes I've seen.

    The plot was very interesting and it was very good how they went from one suspect to the other with all the investigation from Charlie and the talk Megan had with Larry.

    I really like Don, but I think his flirting with Liz was a little forced and it didn't feel real or natural. I personally don't like her yet, I'll have to see how she goes from here.

    The final minutes were very exciting and the team did a good job even when someone got hurt.

    It was sad to learn what happened to Robin. I'm glad that he went from angry to appreciate his father and brother's concern for him. They're just a great family.moreless
  • great

    I really liked this episode a lot. The parts which I liked the best apart from all of it were the Don and Robyn scenes. I think it is about time that Don got himself a girl but I don't think it went anywhere especially at the end of the episode. I hope it goes further in future episodes. Charlie of course does his math think which we all love to watch and I really liked the conversation between Colby and David in the car about Megan and Larry. Is Colby jealous? Does he like Megan? This was a really good episode.moreless
  • An interesting continuation....

    This episode didn't really need the "Previously on Numb3rs..." prologue. It does carry the Tabakian story farther, but then again, don't all episodes carry little sub-plots further??? I keep trying to add to the trivia, but for some reason, this site won't let me. Not sure if it has to do with the points or whatever... but for instance, At one point, Don's boys, Colby and David are sitting on Mulholland, waiting for the suspects to hit another power sub-station, and they are parked next to two other vehicles, suposedly with people making out in them. Well anyone who has lived in L.A. for any amount of time would know that parking anywhere on Mulholland, especially after dark (or 6:00pm) is illegal. I once got a flat at 7pm and pulled over to change it and was immediately approached by a police officer saying that I couldn't park at that lookout after dark.moreless
  • Review

    Shifty writing leads to a different outcome then what was expected and leds Numb3rs to one of the best episodes of all time. My character opinion of Don had changed over the course of most of the episode when I thought that he was cheating on Robin. Then in the last couple of minutes of the episode he comes clean to his brother and father that he was never cheating - but Robin dumped him about a week earlier. I loved the writing by the writers, giving us a small taste of something that wasnt true. I thought (had it been true) it would have changed the way many of us look at Don, but even though it prooved to be false I loved watching him in action at the beginning of the episode. The episode started off with a bang (well...almost) and got better as the episode went along. I loved the connection that this episode was in connection to the previous, something that none of us could have seen coming. The math was solid and the only downside to the epiosde was Charlie and Amita really failing at this whole being a couple thing. Nice scenes for Megan and Larry, solid Don-centric episode, and hope to see mroe of Liz in the future. Dont think your going to get Numb3rs better then this.moreless
Paul Statman

Paul Statman

Ivan Tabakian

Guest Star

Amy Sloan

Amy Sloan

Kari Syles

Guest Star

Joseph Brooke

Joseph Brooke


Guest Star

Aya Sumika

Aya Sumika

Liz Warner

Recurring Role

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    • Amita: Hey Charlie.
      Charlie: Hey.
      Amita: I was thinking about you last night.
      Charlie: Is that right?(smiling with his face towards the blackboard)
      Amita: I was preparing a lecture, and I found an interesting article on synapse reflexivity. I thought you might fit it into your cognitive emergence theory...
      Charlie: Oh. Thanks.

    • (Don & Liz talking after they've stopped an assassination attempt on a prisoner)
      Liz: Saved his ass Eppes. Not to mention what you did for me back there.
      Don: Hey, don't sweat it, you kidding.
      Liz: Yeah, but now I owe you one.
      Don: Well, that's just the way I want it so...
      Liz: You know I don't like being in debt.
      Don: No? What you gonna do about it?
      Liz: Get even.
      Don: Alright, I'm ready for ya, tough guy.

    • (Don & Liz are kissing when Don's phone rings)
      Don: It's mine. (Answers it) Yeah, Eppes. Yep. Alright, I'm on my way.
      Liz: You got my clothes off and now you're gonna leave?
      Don: Yeah, someone blew up a power plant. Homeland's involved. What do you think? Should I come back?
      Liz: Nah, I have to get up early.
      Don: You have to get up early huh? (Kiss again)
      Liz: I'm locking the doors at midnight.
      (Later at the office, Don checks watch, sees it's past midnight and makes a face)
      Megan: Got somewhere to be?
      Don: Not anymore.

    • Charlie: She dumped you?
      Don: Shut up!

    • Colby: That's cool I can use the overtime.
      Megan: We don't get overtime, Granger.
      Colby: Yeah, I know and it's a shame cuz I could really use it.

    • Charlie: (To Larry) They had electricity when you were in graduate school?

    • (Don and his team discover a fuel truck the suspects got into the prison with, along with a dead prison guard. David taps on the fuel tank, finding it hollow)
      David: Thing's empty. It's a trojan horse. These guys are already inside.

    • Don: Alright. It ain't a coincidence then.
      Charlie: Why not? Coincidences, after all, are absolute value mathematical occurrences.

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