Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 2006 on CBS

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  • A person or persons is intentionally knocking out power stations in Los Angeles causing costly blackouts. Initially Don and his team think striking electrical workers are the culprits, but Charlie soon steps in and offers his own theory.


    As the mid-point in the season nears it is safe to say that Numb3rs is having its best season yet. This episode is extremely well written and will keep the viewer hooked all the way to the end. Don's investigation, Charlie's compelling theories and an excellent finale are some of the numerous reasons why this episode works so well. Hopefully Numb3rs will keep up the good work for the rest of the season and beyond.

  • Exciting episode

    This is one of the most exciting episodes I've seen.
    The plot was very interesting and it was very good how they went from one suspect to the other with all the investigation from Charlie and the talk Megan had with Larry.

    I really like Don, but I think his flirting with Liz was a little forced and it didn't feel real or natural. I personally don't like her yet, I'll have to see how she goes from here.
    The final minutes were very exciting and the team did a good job even when someone got hurt.
    It was sad to learn what happened to Robin. I'm glad that he went from angry to appreciate his father and brother's concern for him. They're just a great family.
  • great

    I really liked this episode a lot. The parts which I liked the best apart from all of it were the Don and Robyn scenes. I think it is about time that Don got himself a girl but I don't think it went anywhere especially at the end of the episode. I hope it goes further in future episodes. Charlie of course does his math think which we all love to watch and I really liked the conversation between Colby and David in the car about Megan and Larry. Is Colby jealous? Does he like Megan? This was a really good episode.
  • An interesting continuation....

    This episode didn't really need the "Previously on Numb3rs..." prologue. It does carry the Tabakian story farther, but then again, don't all episodes carry little sub-plots further??? I keep trying to add to the trivia, but for some reason, this site won't let me. Not sure if it has to do with the points or whatever... but for instance, At one point, Don's boys, Colby and David are sitting on Mulholland, waiting for the suspects to hit another power sub-station, and they are parked next to two other vehicles, suposedly with people making out in them. Well anyone who has lived in L.A. for any amount of time would know that parking anywhere on Mulholland, especially after dark (or 6:00pm) is illegal. I once got a flat at 7pm and pulled over to change it and was immediately approached by a police officer saying that I couldn't park at that lookout after dark.
  • Review

    Shifty writing leads to a different outcome then what was expected and leds Numb3rs to one of the best episodes of all time. My character opinion of Don had changed over the course of most of the episode when I thought that he was cheating on Robin. Then in the last couple of minutes of the episode he comes clean to his brother and father that he was never cheating - but Robin dumped him about a week earlier. I loved the writing by the writers, giving us a small taste of something that wasnt true. I thought (had it been true) it would have changed the way many of us look at Don, but even though it prooved to be false I loved watching him in action at the beginning of the episode. The episode started off with a bang (well...almost) and got better as the episode went along. I loved the connection that this episode was in connection to the previous, something that none of us could have seen coming. The math was solid and the only downside to the epiosde was Charlie and Amita really failing at this whole being a couple thing. Nice scenes for Megan and Larry, solid Don-centric episode, and hope to see mroe of Liz in the future. Dont think your going to get Numb3rs better then this.
  • Love is in the air for Don and Liz (and loving it)!!!!

    This episode really made my night!!!! The beginning was SO GREAT. I really wanted to watch it again (if only I could get my hands on the DVD)!!!! I'm so delighted that this episode has more romance. Don and Liz are together (so cute) and the relationship between Megan and Larry is working.

    I have given this episode a 10/10 because romance, solving crimes and having interesting math theories (and physics) really goes together and I really wanted to learn more about these things (this could be a really great way to learn more about these topics if you're into them - I know I'm interested).
  • Unfortunatly a litle dry with the character plot... seemed to rush the story along for me.. still classic Charlie lines and subtle interplay continuing between megan and larry made it worth while...

    Don again needs Charlie's help with solving the black out problem the FBI have been trying to solve..
    Charlie working along side larry made interesting sense with the mathh problem solving and Amita briefly aprearing could have been more use. A classic family moment with Charlie, Don and Father played out nicley through out the episde ending sweetly with a boys night in and Don finallyu opening up. A little lost with the breaking in scenes they made sense just could have played out alot long giving the whole plot more substience. No mention of what arised from the stolen credit card on the dead body in the car. Overall the writers have done better on other episodes and the use of characters was a little demeaning. Marked highly solely for the interplay bettween the main characters. It will be interesting to see Charlie and AMita work together closely again although her consitent remarks regarding his work seem to be irriating hinm some what. Will Larry ever get a new place ?
  • Wow! This was a hot show! I like how there is more romance creeping in!

    The entire family watches the show at our house for the drama and the math. But now I will definitely watch it for the chance to see Rob Morrow take his shirt off again! I was sort of sad to see yet another character show up to romance him. Will they ever pick one and little something develop? Or would that destroy his \"loner\" angst. I had no idea that big biceps and and a taut waistline lurked underneath those stuffy FBI suits! It was also nice to see Larry and Megan getting closer! And of course, Colby pondering that relationship is always good for a laugh!
  • A person is knocking out some power substations in LA. And, like normal, Don enlists Charlie's help.

    This episode was very good. I liked how they made you think that Don was cheating on Robin, but he actually wasn't. That was awesome. I liked several other things in this episode as well.

    1. I liked how Charlie and Larry were fighting over whether or not the coil was too tight. Then their dad walks in and asks how it works. Larry's answer was awesome. He is like "there is a large arguement over that as to whether it works by..." then he gives really long phrases and Charlie's dad is like, "I wouldn't want to be in the room for that debate!"

    2. I thought it was funny how Don started to think that Charlie's math was wrong!! Blasphemy!! Charlie doesn't mess up on math. Don should have trusted him, but it was nice how Charlie got his I-told-you-so.

    3. There was really good action in this episode. It isn't often that the team goes up against people armed with MP5's and silencers. That was awesome. I loved how as they were walking down the hall, they had 360 degree security. Very tactical and realistic!

    and finally: 4. I loved in the end when they were watching TV how the theme song was from Taxi. That was funny considering that the person who plays Mr. Eppes was a main charecter on that show.

    I loved this episode and I thought that it was another great episode of Numb3rs.
  • Don, Charlie and team investigate the suspects accused of shutting down power stations in LA.

    If there\'s one thing great about this show is that it never gets boring. You also learn math and a couple of analytical reasoning behind critical situations. In this episode, the guys try to track down a couple of lowlifes shutting down power stations in LA. A decent explanatin by Larry into how the power system works: Consumption, power and money..big, big money. It\'s supply and demand mixed with greedy capitalism.

    Anyhow, they kept the twist hidden well till the end. Charlie works his \"magic\" to track down the culprits. Everyone worked together. The thing with Liz and Don was a little unbelievable. Don for the most part has been played as a guy who generally gets to know the girl a little better. Here he eagerly jumped to bed with one of his former acquaintances. Anyways, still a decent episode.
  • Informative.

    Don goes and sleeps with Liz but gets called away .
    A power plant guy half electrocutes himself and then a red car drives into the electricity thing he was working on. He dies, and part of the city loses power. His name was Randy Siles, 31, married, 2 kids. He is not with the power company – freelancer . So the union workers would have a motive ( freelancer, and they were on strike).
    Turns out the red car was stolen from Echo park. Which is 20 miles from the crime scene – at least two people involved (no river in red car either – gas pedal jammed down).
    Larry and Charlie are building an electrostatic lifter, fighting over the science, but it works.
    Or, as Allan puts it: unless you can do that with my car it’s still a toy.
    Don comes home and finds that the failing substation in Mission hills resulted in a power outage at Allan’s house as well. Leading to a dialogue about how power works.
    They shut down other power stations to restore the balance ( compare it to a Jenga tower, if the wrong substation is knocked out the whole system crashes ).
    Randy’s wife visits the feds and she tells them there was another substation that failed two days ago, was said to be poor maintenance. Charlie might be able to predict where the next attack might be.
    Liz returns Don’s glasses– rain check. Colby and David stakeout , at the wrong station. But they find the right one pretty quickly, including the electrocuted guy that is sticking to the fence ( high voltages contracts the muscles and makes them stay in that position). He has a 4 B 27 tattoo on his neck – it’s a cell block Chino . Alejandro Munios.
    So - the prime suspect group ( striking workers ) are no longer suspects.
    The objective is not cascading failure either.
    They discover that Lyle Donahue is also in Chino – arrested for manipulating the price of electricity.
    Amita : But they’re not hitting the biggest substations, so only results in local power outages.
    What if those are the objective ?
    Lyle Donahue used one of his credit cards at a bar.
    Megan and Colby go after the fake Donahue who is running but not far. And he shows them where he got the credit card – Donahue is dead in his car. Meanwhile both Allan and Charlie pry Don about not dating Robin but Liz.
    Charlie has it all figured out now. We were wrong, it has nothing to do with price fixing.
    He mapped the blackouts – 3 overlap in one area.
    Megan hands him a notepad with calculations ( Danzig Wolfe something ) and informs him that area is much too big.
    Larry helps Charlie along : Try an exclusion approach.
    So Charlie narrowed down the area and finds the target is the J Edward Rice building. That’s the downtown Federal Detention Centre, he is choreographing a prison break.
    And they don’t know which inmate he want to get out . Although everything runs on electricity, they have a great backup system, Diesel power generators in the subbasement, totally secure.
    Liz and Don meet. Tabakian has decided to corporate, go after the Salvadorian drug cartel with his info. I am leaving for Dan Diego, today. Call you when I get back. Some lame jokes follow.
    Larry/Megan meet outside. No prisoner connected to Donahue.
    You are going bottom up. We are always looking for the bigger fish.
    Feynman lecture in 1959 – there is plenty of room at the bottom. Changed focus. Think smaller and smaller.
    Go in the opposite direction.
    Resulting in : Munios is Salvadorian – with ties to Tabakian drug cartel. Who is in that prison and going to testify against him.
    3 nights in a row – Diesel tanks go dry.
    On schedule delivery gas truck. They are not breaking out someone, but breaking in.
    Which is what indeed happens, truck arrived, and the driver shoots the guard. Guys were hiding inside the gas tank of the truck.
    Liz is there as well to get Tabakian, she checks in her gun.
    And Don, David, Colby and Megan arrive as well. Guard is dead.
    If we wait it’s over, we have to make our move.
    Liz meets assistant attorney. Tabakian only needs to sign paper ( he’s smiling as he is being lead through the hallway). Then the alarm starts blaring – they’ve been breached, and they initiate lockdown.
    FBI gets there in time and although Tabakian gets shot he will make it.
    Don comes home, Allan and Charlie were waiting up for him.
    Charlie : I told you so. Goodnight.
    Look, about Robin. She broke up with me about a week ago.
    Oh… She dumped you – shut up.
    That’s a good sign – you were the one that wanted to go through with it.
    Let’s watch TV.
    Go to bed I’m OK – hey you don’t even live here, don’t tell us what to do.

    Nice interlinking criminal case with the last episode, although I don’t really get why Don didn’t just tell his dad and Charlie Robin had broken up with him, or to mind there own business, in stead of dealing with their judging him.