Season 5 Episode 3


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2008 on CBS

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  • Brothers.

    I was fortunate to catch the repeat and it cleared a lot of questions. It was weird not seeing Charlie knee deep in the middle of things, but I loved that his deepest concern lied with Don and how the situation could have consequences that affect his future. But working with the LAPD gave Charlie an insight as to why he began working for the FBI in the first place. The case of the coffee shop shooting being linked to blackmail and corruption was intriguing, as had enough twists, including Colby sleeping with a possible connection, to keep me interested. Loved seeing Morena Baccarin again. I've been a fan of her's since FireFly.
  • good episode

    FBI is called in to help the local LEOs to investigate the murder of two cops and others at a coffee shop. In the end, the killer was the cop that asked for the FBI's help. Basically, it was just a lot of corrupt cop. Anyways, so the interesting story was Colby deciding to sleep with a suspect and almost getting blown up. It showed a lot about his character, especially when he broke it off. Charlie is still working on getting his clearance, but the clearance person just seems interesting in taking down Don. . . Overall, a solid character episode.
  • Eight people, including two LAPD officers, are murdered in a local diner. The LAPD calls on Charlie to help with the case and he jumps at the opportunity to get back in crime solving. Agent McGowan continues to go after Don by interviewing his team.

    This episode is the best of the season so far. You might have to pay closer attention to this episode to follow it but it's great entertainment and well worth your time. It's good to see DB Woodside back in top form again after he struggled in the sixth season of "24." The story line about Don's personal life however is something I did not care for, mainly because we all know how that will end up. That aside I still enjoyed this episode and highly recommend it. I hope Charlie gets his security clearance back. It's better that way!
  • A much better episode than last week! A WONDERFUL ending!

    A pretty good episode, much better than last weeks! The crime was a little hard to follow but interesting none the less. The characters were all top notch! Don has gotten so much more sure of himself and leads in a much more confident way this season which I really enjoy. His defense of Charlie at the end was one of my favorite moments ever. Also him asking Robin to stay and thus indicating sticking with her was wonderful. Don shined in this episode in my opinion. I loved how Charlie was able to help out by helping the LAPD, much better than depending on Larry and Amita! Him defending Don was also a high point of the episode for me. David suprised me, he's usually not a favorite, but he was really great in this one! Now Colby.... I was very dissapointed with him, he had better redeem himself in the next episode cause he made me angry! And Nikki, I still don't like her, she's way to sassy, though Don does a good job of keeping her in line. ;) All in all I liked the characterization more than the crime itself, but the characters are what makes Numb3rs special! Hopefully next week Charlie'll be back! :D
  • Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?

    The case of two cops being murdered in a coffee shop with 6 others brings the FBI to help the LAPD. Blackmail and an agent breaking the rules are part of this week's plot.

    Robin is being offered a big job in NYC. Will Don let her go without saying anything?

    Charlie's security clearance is becoming more of a referendum on how Don does his job than what Dr. Eppes has done wrong.

    The comic relief was when Charlie was briefing Robin and Nikki. Nikki had no idea what Professor Eppes was talking about. Robin coolly waits for the explanation.

    As much as I hated Carl McGowan, it is easy to see that he was brought in to be the SOB. Keith Carradine plays the villain to the hilt, in a quiet, understated way.

    Even though I could see who the guilty parties were by the middle of the show, I liked this episode because things were fairly back to normal.