Season 2 Episode 10

Bones of Contention

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 09, 2005 on CBS

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  • Need more action!

    This episode is okay and it's good. But it keep audience boring but we don't want that! But I love Eppes's Plot in this episode. Their plot were about their dad hides their mother's clothes and stuff. He was supposed to give them away to charity and Donate. Charlie think Dad is not ready let his wife go. It is so funny that Amita knew Charlie don't organize his office!! But Charlie said he organize enough! It is so funny! I love Eppes scenes but not case! Case is boring, it should make people exciting and more action from FBI! Great episode!
  • moving on

    Although I gave this episode a ten I was basing that solely on the Eppes scenes. I liked the parts where Charlie found out that Alan was supposed to have taken his deceased wives belongings to a charity shop but instead he hid them in the garage. I liked the friendly confrontation that Charlie and Don had with Alan over it. The ending was definitely the best part when Charlie was trying to hug Don. I enjoyed the case in this episode but felt a little disappointed when I compare it to other episodes of Numb3rs. Hopefully there is better to come.
  • Review

    Lets break this episode down into two parts - the case and the personal character devolopment part. The case in question was one of the most boring in series history. The pace of the entire episode was slow and overall I didnt think the math connected it was used enough. Charlie used math twice in this episode, but nothing amazing that I could actually understand. The dinner party was a little less dramatic then I thought it could have been. I thought after the end of the last episode it would have been really cool to see Megan invited over for the dinner party. I thought the case was really boring, the math was pretty boring, and the personal lives of the characters pretty boring as well. Not one of the bext this series has been able to come up with.
  • The episode was good, but needed more explanation.

    I had no trouble with the episode "Bones of Contention." But that is because I actually have some familiarity with archaeology and the Kennewick man controversy (on which this episode was based).

    They never properly explained the controversy that the skull being classified as "caucasian" caused. It doesn't effect Native American land rights, but rather causes issues with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act or NAGPRA (which basically says that all native remains and grave goods found on public land must be returned to the tribe they originated from). Granted, NAGPRA isn't the most exciting topic in the universe, but without explaining it the controversy seems to be over Native American land rights, thus getting people up in arms over nothing.

    However, I did enjoy the episode (if not the fan reaction to it), and I thought that the team interaction was very good. And there were quite a few good lines ("Someone needs to circulate that memo.").
  • It was okay, nothing exciting happened. I thought that the guy at the end would have put up more of a fight. It was good for character developement.

    This episode was okay, there wasn't a lot of anything in this episode. It is an interesting topic, it just didn't come out exciting. It was a good episode for character development. It was good that they're bringing up the mom's death and the family's reaction to it. I wonder what the ice cream tasted like?!
  • An interesting spin.

    This episode while may not be exactly part of the "norm" for Numb3rs it was rather interesting. We have the plot of carbon dating a skull, it's theft, the murder of a young woman, Charlie and Don's mother old stuff, their father's handling of her death, and tribal rights all thrown in together. All of it is superbly tied in together. We even get more character development for Ameida and Larry. Tho I was hoping to see more interaction with Larry's "personal" life. The found skull is an interesting theory, but rather an unlikely one. This is some artistic license that made the episode fun.
  • It was Ok

    This was just an ok example of this show. Even though it is not a comedy they try to make it funny and they suceed sometimes, but this was an example where they failed to live up to greatness.

    I love this show it is right up my ally, but the whole fact that in reality nothing happend. This was just a cop show, because the smart guys did nothing.

    They mostly did a show about how indians should not be so pickey. And even though they took a non-PC topic and made it kinda PC that is not why i watch TV

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • This episode was one of the less action packed episodes, yet still thrilling to watch.

    This episode is one of the types I enjoy more. It was not filled with things blowing up; it was more of a mystery. Charlie's father also got some character developement. Him wanting to hold on to his wife's belongings was so sweet, and then finally letting them go. They also had well placed humor throughout the show which I always enjoy. The "ice cream" was fantastic and you can read it in the quotes. It was interesting to see the math involved in archeology. I was especially interested in the laws regarding the Native Americans and their grounds. It was a very good show; one that has been different than the last few.
  • Lots of redirection in this episode. You really didn't know "Who Done It" until the very end.

    It's a very clever episode when you fall into their trap of saying, "Oh, such and such is the killer.", but in the end it turns out to be the person you least suspected.
    I wasn't really wild about what was going on in the personal lives, though. Larry seems to be going through some kind of mid-life crisis. He already bought that antique car, and now he's selling his house. They aren't really saying why. Also, they already alluded that he likes Megan, yet she wasn't invited to his dinner party.
    Then there was that whole thing with Alan and his wife's belongings. While it's understandable that it is painful letting go, they really didn't show that. First, they showed anger; then jumped right to acceptance. The whole hugging thing between Don and Charlie was cute, but they really need to bring some more consistency to presenting all of the character's personal lives, without losing the integrity of the main plot.
  • Great Episode

    It was another great episode. It kept making think someone else was the murder, until the end when they revealed who really did it. I thought the skull was very interesting. Again they had a family story going too. With the dad still dealing with the loss of his wife, and Larry moving. It was an average episode, nothing special. But I am looking foward to seeing what happens next week with their special guest.
  • A young scientist at the Heritage Museum is murdered. The investigation leads them into a quarrel between the local tribe of Native Americans and archaeologists.

    I liked the family arc in this one best. Charlie and Don trying to help their father against his will was interesting to see. The last scene especially touched my heart.

    The casefile in this episode wasn't that particularly great, but was done well enough. I suspected the night guard to be somehow involved from the beginning, so I was surprised that it took them so long to make the connection.

    I was sorry to hear that Larry sold his house, but his way of making icecream is unique.

    Navi Rawat's part in this episode was very small and also superfluous. Her appearance didn't add anything to the episode - which I'm sorry to see. The Charlie/Amita arc seems to be resolved for good (after the failed dinner), so I'm wondering what the future episodes hold in store for her.