Season 4 Episode 11

Breaking Point

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Charlie's life is put in danger when Don brings him in on the case of a missing reporter.

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  • Charlie is put in danger yet again.

    I'm getting really tired of the attitude of Charlie. He is like a little kid throwing his tantrums. Yes his life was in danger, but you don't have to take out your frustrations on you family and friends. This is the second time in the series that he has acted like this, grow a pair and start acting like an adult.
  • While assisting in the FBI hunt for a missing reporter, Charlie is assaulted and gets help to deal with the emotional fallout while Colby finds himself taking a personal interest in the case. Alan is unhappy with potential "green" changes to the house.moreless

    This show is at its best when dealing with family/personal issues, and I found this episode refreshing. It has everything I love on this show: Charlie angst, Don/Charlie brother issues, Alan's not letting go of the past but finding a way to adjust his thinking without tarnishing his memories, Colby feeling a connection to a reporter who has no one. As always, Larry added humanity and humor, and Ray is a refreshing look at another "science geek". Athough I missed Megan, I loved the discussion centering around her. I enjoyed the scenes between Charlie and the other agents, especially his hilltop scene with Colby. I do agree that this episode helped to flesh out Colby a little more, which is always welcome. This might be my favorite episode of the season. So far.moreless
  • The team works together to find a courageous investigative journalist who was kidnapped. Charlie is threatened due to releasing information he shouldn't have.

    I loved this episode. I always enjoy watching David and Colby team up because they are so in sync with each other. I would really like to see the writers explore a relationship between Colby and the rescued journalist Bonnie Parks; Colby's attraction to her was mesmerizing and good story telling. The song played during the scene with Colby at Bonnie's house reviewing video tapes and again during the rescue scene added a lot of feeling and depth. I enjoy all the characters and plots on this show and this episode was especially great. I think Numb3rs demonstrates the perfect balance between action, drama and personal character development. Great job!moreless
  • Oh My GOSH! Poor Charlie he gets hunted down and almost killed!

    I simply cannot wait till the next season and see what happens. I love this show but sometimes it can be very bloody like in the episode "Thirteen" I love the fact that math is brought in to help solve FBI cases and that two brothers could be so close. Keep bringing the suspense and I will most certainly keep watching this awesome show. Charlie and Amita must get married or make their relationship more intense, also with Megan and Larry come on keep them going they make a great couple! Even though I hate math and physics when I watch this show I love them!moreless
  • This was a great episode, this season has been fantastic. I only gave it 8.9 because there were a few points that I wasn't so sure about, but on the whole it was great.moreless

    The first thing I didn't like about it was the interview Charlie gave about the case. It seemed more like a plot device to get Charlie known to the kidnappers than something he would actually do. He has top security clearance for god's sake. He should know about keeping quiet about stuff, which was alluded to in season 1 when we found out about it at the same time Don did. It didn't seem right for him to just start talking about an active investigation.

    The characters reactions to someone trying to kill Charlie was interesting. It's something I've wondered about; what would they think if someone tried to kill him, as he isn't technically part of the team. Alan's reaction was a bit off to me though. He didn't seem overly worried by the fact that someone tried to kill his son.

    There were some great moments in this episode, but also some that didn't really work for me. I loved it though. This season has been fantastic so far. And I'm loving how they're developing Colby's character. That's been one of the best things about this season; that he's gone from just a supporting character to one of my favourite characters in the whole show. I hope they can keep it up.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Opening Numb3rs:
      628,000 SQUARE FEET
      3 FELONS

    • Bonnie's addresses are:

      Her home:
      11256 Bentel Ave.
      Los Angeles, CA 90049

      Her Warehouse:
      819 Third St. #104
      Los Angeles, CA 90049

    • When Colby approaches Bonnie's warehouse, before he announces his presence, one of the suspects can be heard asking if someone has the laptop. From the beginning of the episode, the fact has been known that Bonnie doesn't use a computer, so why would there be one in her warehouse?

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Colby: You can't just keep going around telling everybody you're fine.
      Charlie: Well, obviously, I'm not fine.
      Colby: That's why you got to do something about it. It doesn't matter how scared you were. It doesn't matter if you wet your pants, man. There's nobody out here who's gonna hear it.

    • Colby: to Charlie When I was being held on that freighter and they had me handcuffed and Lancer was sticking me with needles, there's one thing that kept me going. That was knowing that my team was coming for me. No matter how screwed up things had gotten, that you and David and Megan and Don were working hard and you were going to come through that door. The thing is, Bonnie Parks, she doesn't have a team. She's got nobody. And she's locked up, handcuffed, in the dark, I don't know what. But what I do know is that I want to be the one who comes through that door for her.

    • Alan: Oh, and Donnie...we all made those sacrifices for Charlie - especially you.

    • Alan: Oh, come on, no. The house is fine - it's old, but it works... you know, mostly... I mean, it's a lot like me.

    • David: (To Colby, after he rescues Bonnie and she won't even let him help her out of the room) I'm sure what she meant to say was "thanks."

    • Amita: Maybe you accidentally cut somebody off in traffic. I mean, your driving is questionable.
      Charlie: There's nothing wrong with my driving.
      Larry: So the chorus of car horns that follows in your wake…(he and Amita chuckle)…What is that, a spontaneous phenomenon?

    • Ray: You might want to get a new pump. An old one like this, it's inefficient. It gobbles power like a South American dictator!

    • David: (After Charlie and Amita have an argument) Hey, if I could have ducked out in the middle of that, I would have.
      Charlie: Yeah…me too.

    • Larry: (To Ray) Someone tried to kill Charlie last night!
      Charlie: Can we not?

    • Ray: No offense, but if you got to get a FBI bodyguard, why not get that hot one we worked with, Agent Reeves? Pretty sure she was diggin' me!
      Larry: You know, actually Ray—Agent Reeves – or Megan – and I, we're kind of involved.
      Ray: (laughs)…You're serious?
      Larry: Yeah, I am. And a little less incredulity on your part would be appreciated.
      Ray: No, Larry, sorry. It's just that how often do women like that get involved with guys like us? Nice going!
      Larry: Okay, well – thank you!

    • (Charlie gets up and grabs his keys)
      Alan: Where you going?
      Charlie: To do the work I didn't do, because I was helping Don.

    • Alan: (To Don, about Charlie) He's not one of your agents! You know that, right?

    • (A car pulls up behind Charlie and shines his headlights into the car)
      Charlie: (sarcastically) Thanks, Dopey. I don't really need to see while I'm driving!

  • NOTES (4)