Season 4 Episode 11

Breaking Point

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 2008 on CBS

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  • Charlie is put in danger yet again.

    I'm getting really tired of the attitude of Charlie. He is like a little kid throwing his tantrums. Yes his life was in danger, but you don't have to take out your frustrations on you family and friends. This is the second time in the series that he has acted like this, grow a pair and start acting like an adult.
  • While assisting in the FBI hunt for a missing reporter, Charlie is assaulted and gets help to deal with the emotional fallout while Colby finds himself taking a personal interest in the case. Alan is unhappy with potential "green" changes to the house.

    This show is at its best when dealing with family/personal issues, and I found this episode refreshing. It has everything I love on this show: Charlie angst, Don/Charlie brother issues, Alan's not letting go of the past but finding a way to adjust his thinking without tarnishing his memories, Colby feeling a connection to a reporter who has no one. As always, Larry added humanity and humor, and Ray is a refreshing look at another "science geek". Athough I missed Megan, I loved the discussion centering around her. I enjoyed the scenes between Charlie and the other agents, especially his hilltop scene with Colby. I do agree that this episode helped to flesh out Colby a little more, which is always welcome. This might be my favorite episode of the season. So far.
  • The team works together to find a courageous investigative journalist who was kidnapped. Charlie is threatened due to releasing information he shouldn't have.

    I loved this episode. I always enjoy watching David and Colby team up because they are so in sync with each other. I would really like to see the writers explore a relationship between Colby and the rescued journalist Bonnie Parks; Colby's attraction to her was mesmerizing and good story telling. The song played during the scene with Colby at Bonnie's house reviewing video tapes and again during the rescue scene added a lot of feeling and depth. I enjoy all the characters and plots on this show and this episode was especially great. I think Numb3rs demonstrates the perfect balance between action, drama and personal character development. Great job!
  • Oh My GOSH! Poor Charlie he gets hunted down and almost killed!

    I simply cannot wait till the next season and see what happens. I love this show but sometimes it can be very bloody like in the episode "Thirteen" I love the fact that math is brought in to help solve FBI cases and that two brothers could be so close. Keep bringing the suspense and I will most certainly keep watching this awesome show. Charlie and Amita must get married or make their relationship more intense, also with Megan and Larry come on keep them going they make a great couple! Even though I hate math and physics when I watch this show I love them!
  • This was a great episode, this season has been fantastic. I only gave it 8.9 because there were a few points that I wasn't so sure about, but on the whole it was great.

    The first thing I didn't like about it was the interview Charlie gave about the case. It seemed more like a plot device to get Charlie known to the kidnappers than something he would actually do. He has top security clearance for god's sake. He should know about keeping quiet about stuff, which was alluded to in season 1 when we found out about it at the same time Don did. It didn't seem right for him to just start talking about an active investigation.

    The characters reactions to someone trying to kill Charlie was interesting. It's something I've wondered about; what would they think if someone tried to kill him, as he isn't technically part of the team. Alan's reaction was a bit off to me though. He didn't seem overly worried by the fact that someone tried to kill his son.

    There were some great moments in this episode, but also some that didn't really work for me. I loved it though. This season has been fantastic so far. And I'm loving how they're developing Colby's character. That's been one of the best things about this season; that he's gone from just a supporting character to one of my favourite characters in the whole show. I hope they can keep it up.
  • Colby has officially caught my attention! Charlie is insecure and off balance. Amita is mad. Alan is resistant. Don has low self esteem. Yay for Ray!

    I was a Dylan Bruno fan before. But wow, he really blew me away with his performance on this episode. He sees this girl, who has been kidnapped. he identifies with her because not too long before he was at the mercy of kidnappers himself. But the way he watched her news footage, it was like he was falling in love. And I believe he was building this whole scenario about rescuing her, and her falling in his arms, being all fragile and appreciative. He felt that he knew her, and he thought he could be her hero. When he found her in the basement, I thought it was very sweet that he identified himself as "Colby", not as Agent Grainger. I am melting.

    When the reality came crashing down, and he was left standing there in that basement, watching her walk out on her own, his mouth gaping open. Shocked at what just happened, my heart sank. I felt his disappointment, and I don't understand how the rest of the audience could've avoided feeling it too. You can be my hero, baby.

    He was such an uninteresting character before. Sure, he was nice to look at. But he has stayed pretty even keel since the beginning. I am extremely glad to see him getting more spot light, and I am very glad that the writers have seen it fit not to make him bitter, angry, addicted, or a loose cannon - as so many of these types of roles turn into. He is a tough guy, but he doesn't need to flaunt it. But there is a tender side to this character, and I think we are really lucky to have that revealed to us. Great job Dylan! I can't wait to see more of you!

    Of course, Colby's character was not the only development in this episode. We see Charlie - a very unfocused, unsure of himself Charlie. Which is quite a change.
    We see Amita - getting really upset with Charlie for putting himself in danger, not just going along with everything Charlie says or does, as she usually does. This proves to me that she has defintely gotten over some of her issues.
    We see Alan - who has a bit of a problem with change. On the surface, he seemed to be a person who rolls with the times, but just like everyone else, he proved that he too fears change.
    We see Don - always the overprotective brother. I didn't feel he showed all that much development. But he did show that he feels inferior to Charlie because he is afraid working with him is wasting his talent.

    Yay for the return of Ray!! I love this guy! And I think he can only add to the cast of very colourful characters. More Ray-Ray. Please!!
  • good episode...

    The team investigates the disappearance of a reporter. Charlie talks to reporters about the case and he almost gets killed by a guy in a car that runs him off the road then comes after him. He's shaken, but pretends it's ok. Charlie talks about making the house green which stresses his father. One of the agents felt a kind of attraction type thing towards the victum and relates it to his time being tortured by the Chinese. Overall, it was a good episode. I liked the story and I liked the character development. The only thing I'm sad about is that Larry didn't have a bigger role...
  • Don and his agents investigated a missing reporter, Bonnie Parks. Before the credits,Charles was interview with another reporter and tell her about he use math to find the missing reporter lead to upset Don and put Charles in danger and didn't tell Don.

    This episode is great. Character development is okay. The pick-up truck suddenly appears behind Charles's car in beginning before the credits. When it happens again, then you can see the pick-up truck after Charles's car went pass and it follow.the flashing light of the pick-up truck was so bright. How does the pick-up truck follow behind him so fast? Was the man speeding or tailgating Charles's car? That part was not clear. This part is like the game called Burn Out 3. I like this show so much. This one didn't amuse me because I see more dangerous show where one of the police agents was almost killed.
  • Character Development for Everyone.

    I loved this Episode. One of the things that I loved about it that is in a way, everyone learned something. Charlie is the most obvious one. I really appreciated the writing for him in this episode it showed him unconfident, which is very un-Charlie like. He was scared and frazzle and didn't know how to fix it. I think Colby learned a little bit more about himself and why he does what he does. Don learned that he can't protect Charlie from everything and that he has no control on how Charlie chooses to live his life. Even Allen learned that some change is good, as long as the past is not forgotten.
  • Charlie's life is put in danger when he gives an interview while on a case for don and ends up being a killer's target.

    This was a definate character development for all the players in the episode. Even the minor ones.

    Charlie gave away way too much information than he should have during the interview. He did make himself a target by doing that but he probably thought that something like that would never happen to him. People deal with those kind of situations in different kinds of way and charlie's decision to just forget it ever happened was not a good way to deal with it. Colby was right.The only way that a person can get over that kind of a situation is by talking about it.

    Colby has been getting some major character development this season and it's about time. It's nice to see that he wants to help someone else out who was stuck in the same situation that he was on that boat. His talk to charlie was spot on to everything that charlie was feeling, he's becomming very good at reading peoples emotions.

    Don is always great at being the overprotected big brother. His scenes with charlie after the attack saying that charlie could always come to him with anything was so sweet!

    It was a wonderful character developent episode and all i have to say is someone do something to end the writers strike! The numb3r writers are on a roll!
  • The team (except Meg) is investigateing the case of a missing reporter. Don thinks Charlie said too much in an interview, when in facr he did. This results in Charlie being the target of a killer. Later on, Charlie has to get over almost being killed.

    This was a pretty great episode for Charlie fans, as he is shown in a new light. 'Breaking Point' shows Charlie being in danger, for once, as he showed that he knew too much about a case in an interview. Don gets all mad, so Charlie storms out of the house. What I loved about this was that after Charlie left, Alan basically asked Don if he realized that Charlie didn't actually work for him. I think this might have been news for Don! Anyway, after Charlie leaves, a pickup truck with blinding fog lights trails him. Charles seems annoyed about this, and tries to let the truck pass him. After the vehicle is still following him, Charlie gets freaked and gets away from the truck. After arriving at CalSci, he pulls a Larry and sleeps in his office. I thought this was rather funny! Larry and Amita arrive and don't take Charlie seriously, joking about his driving skillz. Then Colby, David, and Don are trying to figure out the missing reporter case, and all that usual stuff. They keep giving stuff to Charlie to figure out. A bit of foreshadowing is shown when Amita offers to ride home in the car with Charlie, but he refuses. Then, on the road, the pickup with the lights of course starts gaining on Charlie again. Its kinda unclear what is exactly happening, with Charlie's mass of hair and the horrible lighting. But I think the car was just slamming into Charlie's, driving him to the edge of the road. He keeps going "Oh God, oh god, oh god!" which was kinda odd. Oh, yeah, Charlie was on the phone with Don, but when the car kept slamming him he hung up on Don. Any normal person would have been like,'Don,
    get over here!' But of course Charlie just hung up. So the pickup rams Charles' car to the edge of the road. Charlie hit his head, by the way, and is miraculacly ok except for his headache. A figure (again, bad lighting, we don't know who it is) steps out of the truck and shoots at the car's window, breaking the glass. Bad boy Charlie does not have his seat belt on, so he can swiftly slide out the car with his keys and hide in the bushes. He pushes the 'Panic' button on the car, which again miraculacy makes the unknown stalker get in his car and split. The whole sequence was unrealistic and made Charlie extreamly lucky, but was one of my favorite. So then we commercial to a scene like 20 minuetes from the previous one, where Charlie has called the police, God knows how. He's sitting in the back of an ambulence with an icepack on his head, among police tape around the whole area. Don comes with Colby and David in his famous SUV, or whatever. He seems realisticly upset to see what happened to Charlie, but also kind of irked. Colby's all like,' you alright, man', and David really does not seem to care. Don's all, why didn't you tell me the truck followed you before, and there is this whole bro-to-bro thing. Then David agrees to follow Charlie everywhere he goes. This is a problem later, when Charlie and Amita have a fight about continuing the case. Anyways, the rest of the episode is all Charlie being moody and freaking out when people want him to do math, which he can't seem to focous on anymore. Colby, who is rather obsessed with the missing reporter, realizes Charlie is the only chance they have of finding Bonnie. So he takes Charlie to a secluded space, and tells him to 'let it all out', so Charlie talks and talks about what happened. This is a HUGE Charlie Colby friends moment, I think. Charlie is then luckly unpreocupied with feelings and whatnot, and does the math, which eventually leads to the reporter. Meanwhile, Don is talking to Alan about whether he should still let Charlie be in the FBI. Don is worried that he is holding Charlie back from doing other, more important, things, and also putting Charlie in great danger. Alan replys that Charlie IS doing good, which I thought was rather sweet. So they find the reported, Charles and Amita kiss and make up, and Don talks to Charlie about the FBI. Charlie says he's fine, so they go inside and have a beer. And we don't hear a peep from Meg all episode.