Season 4 Episode 11

Breaking Point

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 2008 on CBS

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  • This was a great episode, this season has been fantastic. I only gave it 8.9 because there were a few points that I wasn't so sure about, but on the whole it was great.

    The first thing I didn't like about it was the interview Charlie gave about the case. It seemed more like a plot device to get Charlie known to the kidnappers than something he would actually do. He has top security clearance for god's sake. He should know about keeping quiet about stuff, which was alluded to in season 1 when we found out about it at the same time Don did. It didn't seem right for him to just start talking about an active investigation.

    The characters reactions to someone trying to kill Charlie was interesting. It's something I've wondered about; what would they think if someone tried to kill him, as he isn't technically part of the team. Alan's reaction was a bit off to me though. He didn't seem overly worried by the fact that someone tried to kill his son.

    There were some great moments in this episode, but also some that didn't really work for me. I loved it though. This season has been fantastic so far. And I'm loving how they're developing Colby's character. That's been one of the best things about this season; that he's gone from just a supporting character to one of my favourite characters in the whole show. I hope they can keep it up.
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