Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 24, 2006 on CBS
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A California State Senator and a psychiatrist--neither have much in common with the other except for one thing...they both turn up dead on Don's watch. While the circumstances of their deaths are different, Don thinks the two murders are related, and tries to prove his hunch right. What he finds may bring to light a deep secret the government has been hiding for years.moreless

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    The episode started off better then I think any Numb3rs episode that I can remember. The first couple of minutes were action pakced and I certainly thought that it may have been a rare case where they did solve the case. The middle part got a little boring with a lot about Larrys big decision to go on a space shuttle leaving a big impact on the episode. The case got a little slow too, the second shooting brought the episode back to life a little but, but once again it died a little. The ending picked everything right back up to satisfy me with about 25 minutes of solid footage I thought. The ending math used the capture the man was something I could understand and I liked the little tribute to Larry at the end of the episode when Charlier realizes that this is reality and he is wrong...Larry will be leaving Nasa (and the show) for a breif time period. The last five minutes of the episode really turned an 8.8 episode into a 9.4. Nice example of a way to close out a boarderline episode.moreless
  • An amazing episode. So much was found out in this. Charlie and Amita are finally getting comfortable and we see how much Larry really means to Charlie. Larry gives Charlie all of his stuff that he doesn't want to get rid of. Great!moreless

    WOW! This was great. Don asking Megan if she was okay with Larry leaving. Stuttering and everything. Larry and Megan together for one of the last times. The case was just as amazing. Colby and David tricking the guy into coming off the roof. When Don punched the CIA agent I almost died laughing. Megan telling him to stay down unless he wanted to get hit again, wow. I mean come on Don killed a guy and this CIA agent told him the public thanks him. Man he was angry. It had everything a good episode needed.moreless
  • Hope Larry isn't leaving at all!

    This involves government conspiracy as well as the people deep down who work in secret to prevent Don & his team from knowing the truth. And that Charlie's teacher and mentor has a secret of his own as he will leave earth to go to Mars for NASA. Loved it when Don knocked the dickens out of that arrogant Agent Raymond. Priceless!
  • the government tryied an experiment with prisoners from other countries in the 60's and it failed but the people who were experimented on suddenly assinate people and hten kill themselves like they were originally suppose to do, oh and LARRY LEAVES EARTH!moreless

    this was a really good episode, It covered all the aspects htat a crime show is suppose to too make it a great show

    suspence- you don't know who did until the very end so you are trying to ifgure it out at the end of you r seat

    romance- Charlie and Amita are geting comfortable enough with each other so they can publically kiss each other good bye. Larry and Megan spend one of ther elast nights together because Larry with be leaveing earth to go on a 6 month space mission.

    Agnst- there wasa little angst, where charlei was in dinail about larry leaving and the dons anger at the worker of the CIA. I basically cheered when Don punched the guy.

    It was areally good episode over all I hope we have more episode like this onemoreless
  • Don and the team work on an investigation that leads them to government experimental mind control. Charlie has to deal with Larry's announcement he is leaving the planet Earth!

    I really enjoyed this episode. I thought that it was very interesting how the investigation that they were working on became involved with mind control. I think it is interesting because I am not quite sure about the whole issue. Anyways, all personal bias aside, I really liked this episode. I thought it was funny how Charlie was living in a state of denial because he didn't want Larry to leave. I sympathize with him! I don't know how the show would be without Larry on it...or at least, in space. OOPS, I let out the secret I wasn't going to tell you. Larry is going to be leaving the PLANET Earth, but not its orbit. He is going to be part of the International Space Station. I think that it was funny how Charlie recalled to Larry's mind that he once said Charlie's hair folicles for his mustache hadn't reached "critical mass". Anyways, I really liked this episode and think I will watch it several more times.moreless
Matt Keeslar

Matt Keeslar

Agent Raymond

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Tom Amandes

Tom Amandes

Lawrence Dryden

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David Zayas

David Zayas

Carlos Costavo

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Opening Numb3rs:
      45 YEARS
      712 SUBJECTS
      3 HANDGUNS

    • Math used in this episode:
      Corridor Flow
      Network Theory
      Euclid's Orchard
      Target Selection Theory

    • Megan said Larry is going to be on the Space Shuttle for six months, she meant the Space Station. There are a number of problems with the "Larry in Space" storyline:
      1) If he was a Payload Specialist on a NASA mission, he wouldn't be staying on the Space Station. He would be part of the shuttle crew, and NASA has not used Payload Specialists in awhile (primarily due to the two shuttle disasters).
      2) As a non-astronaut he wouldn't be eligible for Expedition Crew (Space Station crew). The Expedition Crew is typically composed of a commander and two flight engineers, all astronauts.
      3) Even if Larry was Expedition Crew, he would have been in training in Houston for at least the year before launch.

    • Project MKULTRA was the code name for a CIA "mind control" program from the early 1950s until 1963. The project involved the use of drugs, notably LSD, to alter brain functioning and it was carried out on unwitting non-volunteer subjects, most often prisoners and brothel patrons.

      In 1972, the CIA destroyed most of the documents related to MKULTRA, though some records made it to the National Security Archives.

      Some conspiracy theories claim that MKULTRA was linked with the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

    • Alan is stated to be out of town on a consulting job. (hence, at the end, this is the 2nd episode that does not end with a family moment).

    • Megan speaks French because she used to date a hockey player.

    • At the restaurant when the camera shows the psychiatrist lying on the ground the camera shows five bullet holes but only two have blood surrounding them.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Larry: Let me get this right... You're actually comparing my brushing the heavens with your barely post pubescent moustache?
      Charlie: No, I'm just being realistic.
      Larry: It's a very fortunate thing for you that I am on the verge of fulfilling one of life's dreams.
      Charlie: Fortunate for me?
      Larry: That's correct, because with a less ebullient frame of mind, I might well just bop you on the nose. Excuse me...

    • Don: You all right? (Megan gives Don a strange look) About, Larry?
      Megan: Yeah well, it's hard to feel badly when you feel so proud but, yeah the timing sucks. Why do you ask?
      Don: I dunno. (shrugs) Charlie seems to be struggling, and I just thought, (struggling with words) I'm just, trying to take care of my own, so.
      Megan: Oh, well, that would explain the throbbing vein in the middle of your forehead. (rubs Don's forehead) Thank you. (Megan leaves room)
      Don: Yeah, well, I'm here if you need me.

    • Larry: Listen, I realize this relationship has not been exactly.... forward-leaning. I do want you to know that my heart will remain yours in my absence.
      Megan: While in a space capsule? With three guys? I should hope so!
      Larry: You know what I mean.
      Megan: I do know what you mean. But maybe, tonight, we should just lean forward, a little.

    • Larry: I believe that's my copy of the Quarterly Review of Cosmology?
      Charlie: Yeah, it is ...
      Larry: Why are we engaged in combat over it?

    • Colby: She speaks French.
      Megan: She dated a hockey player.

    • Charlie: (To Larry--about when he wanted to grow a mustache) You said my hair folicles had not reached critical mass!

    • Colby: After Charlie's analysis turned up empty, we realized...
      Megan: (Interrupting)"We"?
      Charlie: Yes, we.

    • Megan: (when talking about Larry being in space) I would rather watch you from the privacy of my bedroom.

    • (after Don hit Agent Raymond)
      Megan: (to Raymond) I'd stay down unless you wanna get hit again.

    • Megan: Autopsy results are in. Death from a gunshot wound to Minh's head.
      Colby: We need an autopsy to tell us that?

    • Charlie: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
      Colby: No.

    • Colby: David, apologize to the man for saving his life.

    • Colby: A = B = C = D. It's like one of Charlie's equations. Can't believe I just said that.

    • Charlie: I have known Larry Fleinhardt for fifteen years. He's not going anywhere.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Larry: Mens sana in corpore sano.
      Continuing the Roman theme, this Latin phrase literally translates to 'a healthy mind in a healthy body' and is from Juvenal's "Satire X."

    • Don: Larry's got the right stuff.
      The Right Stuff was a 1979 novel and 1983 film chronicling the lives of the Mercury 7, the first seven astronauts selected for the NASA space program.

    • The government program, and the episode title, "Brutus" refers to Marcus Brutus because the subjects of the program were intended to go back into the midst of their friends and assassinate them. The psychiatrist activating the subjects is aware of this allusion and uses the name Marcus as well as Brutus.

      Marcus Junius Brutus was the most infamous assassin of Julius Caesar because Caesar considered him a good friend.