Season 2 Episode 4

Calculated Risk

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2005 on CBS

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  • Greedy for 315 millions!!!

    Danny Shay lost his mother because she knew who is behind the money! I can't imagine 6,000 people lost jobs because the "Junior" took people's money to keep money to himself! This episode is really awesome to watch! Don refused let Danny stay at foster care so Don decided to take him home under his dad's care. Alan told Don that he did right thing to do that. Charlie is annoyed and frustrated that kid told why, why, why? It is so funny and I laughs! Great episode!! I love it lot! I can't imagaine Charlie taking care of any kid! It will be nice of him!
  • Review

    There were a couple of things I liked in this episode. The scenes with Don in the park with the Attroney were kind of cool. I thought that she would have been a one time wonder on the show, it as nice to see her return and spend some more time with Don. The lack of Amita in this episode was random and it was the first time that I can recall that she never showed up even to help Charlie for a little bit. I thought the case in question was a good one, with Charlie-Don and their dad having to take care of a kid who had just lost his mother. The inside job done by one of the executives son turned out to be a nice twist. Other then the lack of Amita and Charlie interactions, this episode was everything you would expect out of Numbers.
  • The show would make a great PSA for Big Brothers of America. Too bad, the mommy got shot.

    This episode obviously plays off the demise of Enron. The company in question defrauded lots of people of lots of money. One of them was Larry. The whistle blower is a rich single mother who sone just happened to see the killer's car drive away.
    Charle follows the money trail. The math guru is able to figure out who the killer is by figuring out who had the most to gain by her death.
    There is a crazy red herring involved, and his part of the show just seemed like filler.
    The CEO of the company seemed a little weak despite being portrayed as being so powerful. His casting did not ring true.
  • Everyone had a chance to shine in this episode.

    This was a well acted and written episode. It was Larry and Daniel's input that pointed Charlie in another direction when he stalled in his math. This didn't make Charlie any less the math whiz, it just showed another way to solve a problem. Don and his team did their jobs and solved the case without relying solely on Charlie's input. Especially entertaining is the Epps' family moments.
  • 10
    Great episode! Loved it! It just keeps getting better and better. There was plenty of math with great character development. Math is not the only thing that makes this show so uniquely great. The family aspect is equally important. The scenes with Don, Alan, Charlie and Daniel were priceless! This episode brought out the best in all the characters without sacrificing the story! Can't wait till next week!
  • Not a gripping epsode for me.

    Not only was the math weak in this episode, the plot was a bit weak as well.

    Sure, the idea of a CFO being slain is topical, but come on. Martha Stewart ticked off a lot more people and she got a freaking television show and a better company out of it. This woman was informing on scum and no way does the son, who has been put in his place for years and is a supposed Harvard scholar have the fortitude to commit murder. The guy was clearly a weasle. A Harvard grad would have been smart enough to hire some homeless guy to ransack the place, kill the woman and the kid, then keep whatever he finds in the house.

    Weak, which is sad for a show I truly enjoy.
  • It was another well written episode. It is nice to see them actually trying to give the FBI guy a life. Last season it was like hew as James Bond with couple of actors who played his family.

    The fact that the writers are giving him a little dimension is going to be good for the show. Now if they can do that for Charlie's character as well it would really open up the series to go somewhere. I just hope they don't try to make Charlie into an agent. I mean if he gets to carry a gun and beat up bad guys than it turns into another Indiana Jones/Lara Croft rip off and we are going to be left with a pretty lousy show. Diane Farr is looking really good and she is a real asset to the show. As much as I love Sabrina Lloyd she made the decision to leave the show. Keep up the good work.
  • Too much english lit. not enough N3mbers.

    Although a well written and acted episode. I hope the writing team aren't going to start feeding us tear jerker, fluffy, stories and endings. They need to remember that its the cold, sure footed, inquisitive world of math and science that the mood revolved around that made this show so unique.
  • The episodes just keep getting better and better

    The show starts out with a son and mother getting ready to leave the house for the day. The son is in the upstairs bathroom, hears the doorbell and then gunshots. Don and his crew are then called on the scene, turns out the mom was involved in blowing the whistle on a major corporation that she worked for. Charlie is then called in to help. Turns out he worked with the woman who was killed on the company's SEC files during the first rounds of fraud charges. The interactions between Don, Charlie, and Alan with the young boy are priceless. I especially loved the ending where Alan says that he knows that he won't have to give up the thought of having grandchildren.