Season 6 Episode 16

Cause and Effect

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2010 on CBS

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  • Satisfied with the ending.

    Not a very exciting ending, but satisfying.
  • A season finale with the feel of a series finale (spoilers)

    Numbe3rs is my favorite show so I hope this isn't the end. But if it is, we got six wonderful seasons. I figure any time you get 100+ episodes from a show, you can't complain.

    The case was good but this episode was, for me, all about the characters. Charlie and Amita getting married is the highlight for sure and Larry performing the ceremony was a lovely touch. Even if he did register online(!) for his pastoral certification, he has the personality for the role. As he says, he would never take the responsibility lightly. His speech on love was moving and Colby's interjection was priceless! It was a beautiful combination of love, solemnity, joy and friendship.

    I loved the interchange where Charlie told Don they had lived separate lives for so long and he didn't want to go back to that. Don assured him it wouldn't happen even though they would no longer be working together.

    Don's marriage proposal to Robin was lovely also. He told her that when he first asked her, he was trying to get her to decide and that now he knew more than ever what he wanted and that it was her.

    I think that when we really enjoy a show, we identify with the characters and in looking back on the series as a whole, the change in Don was amazing. Rob Morrow did a wonderful job playing Don Eppes and beautifully portrayed the growth of his character through the many cases and life experiences he had in six years.

    His growth through (among other things) returning to his faith, being stabbed and nearly dying, growing closer to his brother and finally arriving at a point in life where he wasn't afraid to make the commitment required of marriage is journey of a soul that many of can in part relate to.

    When he tells Robin that he will stay with the FBI because it's what he does and he's good at it, he arrives at a place that many might envy. To love what you do, to know that you're good at it and to know that you make a positive difference in society is a wonderful place to be in a career.
  • Charlie and Amita finally get married!

    Charlie and Amita finally get married. It's about damn time they got to this point in the season. I was so certain this would be a series finale but it's only a season finale (according to it's label during the commercials for it). A part of me hoped that all of the cast would be involved in the wedding, but alas, I knew they couldn't do that, since the FBI doesn't rest.

    I was upset to see that Ian Edgerton wasn't included in the wedding, but this thought occurred to me about 1 minute before he showed up to incarcerate the fugitive. At that point, I was like, "HELL YEAH!" Then he says his line about the wedding and I enjoyed that.

    I also wanted them to include Megan in this episode, even if it would be for a few short minutes. Then I thought about the effect it would have on Larry and I understood why they might not have.

    Overall, I thought this was a brilliant episode!

    P.S. I think I saw David tear up a little when he announced his new job position in D.C.
  • The sixth season (and possibly the series itself) ends with Charlie and Amita getting married at last. However the celebration needs to be put on hold as Don's gun is stolen from him while he's making an arrest and is used in a series of crimes.

    Despite the fact that CBS has made no official announcement, in all liklihood "Numb3rs" will not return. This episode certinly gives every indication of that. Charlie and Amita moving to England, Agent Sinclair heading to Washington DC. If so I think this episode is a fitting end to the series. The resolutions I previously mentioned here are a highlight of this episode. I don't care for episodes that leave unanswered questions. Unlike the final episode of "Without a Trace", this episode worked. It had a compelling and interesting storyline and it brought the series to a fitting close. The End.