Season 4 Episode 14


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2008 on CBS

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  • Terrific side stories, lots of fun and happy endings

    Plain and simple, this episode was just a ton of fun and extremely enjoyable to watch. Sometimes these shows get a bit heavy (I think Without A Trace is worst for that) and it's nice to see some uplifting humor and interplay between people that really like each other

    Charlie's bumbling efforts at some FBI training were hilarious, and the final outcome was good for a warm fuzzy. Don teasing Charlie and Megan getting in on the act by calling him Speed Racer after a very, very funny pursuit scene was priceless. The gym sequence where Charlie gets beat up and asks Don for some brotherly advice is also great.

    I'm a romantic at heart and so the scenes between Don and Robin and Larry and Megan add to the show. David and Colby's camaraderie and David's involvement with the young boy who's life was headed in a very bad direction were also special.

    Lastly, David's attempt to learn chess in one afternoon from Alan Eppes and his clumsiness at it were hilarious.
  • No more skeletons (um, I mean really skinny women cops or prosecutors) in Don's closet! Would Charlie really attempt a high speed pursuit in his Prius? Can I pawn my bishop for $5? Deputy Larry Fleinhart.

    Okay - enough with the women coming on the show and Don already knows them, has been with them in one form or another, it ended badly, and now it's going to start up again. My eyes rolled so many times during the scenes with Don and the new "old girlfriend", I thought they might pop out of my head. What I am wondering is - can they not keep these actors on the show long enough for Don to have some type of long term relationship, or are they just trying to keep his character the perpetual bachelor. Mr. Unlucky in love, the tough cop (or FBI agent) who can't commit. Come On!! It's defintely in his character to have a lasting, loving relationship. But if they want the bachelor thing - then at least introduce a woman that Don has never had the chance to meet and piss off. Or hey, let's just not worry about a love interest for the elder Epps brother. His love scenes never really rang true for me anyway. Now, on to the "review" part. This was a pretty mediocre episode. Besides the comic relief of Charlie receiving FBI training, I was underwhelmed. This is what I lusted after on my DVR for more than a week, waiting with anticipation of that perfect moment that I could watch uninterrupted? I must be getting dumber in my old age, but the whole story line was confusing. Not as confusing as some other episodes from this series, but vague nonetheless. I did appreciate the chess aspect, or at least David's inability to excel. I am totally incapable of playing in any civilized manner - yet my 13 year old daughter can play with the best of them. But, an average episode of Numb3rs is better than most anything else. I am just so happy to be seeing new ones that they could remake an old Andy Griffith show story line, with Larry in the role of Barney Fife and I would be completely mesmerized.
  • good episode...

    This was a pretty good episode. The story was just ok, but the boy was a great character and I liked how he meshed with the black FBI agent guy (his name just suddenly slipped my mind) . . . I liked the idea of chess throughout the whole thing also. The main story line that I liked the most was Charlie going to the FBI academy place. He was terrible at everything, especially driving, but he kicked butt at shooting. He showed everyone up! ! Overall, it was an ok story, good characerization and character development, and some solid comedey.
  • This episode was so much fun. It felt like the whole cast was back where it used to be, like the ep last week was so awkward and weird just because they had to find some common ground after the strike again.

    I loved Charlie having fun with the FBI training. And Don being all smiley around Charlie once more and not his usual broody self. I liked how close they seemed in the FBI gym, Don's advice to kick the guy in the balls and Charlie's smiley response that it was the same advice Don gave him in elementary school. That was fun!

    And Megan all happy just by watching Larry. Larry being all excited about the theory that he was working on...

    And David and Colby. I liked their little pats and friendly touching, how concerned Colby was for David in this ep, his "You okay?" when they saved him and the boy from the gang members, his advice to David to quit moping around and actually help the boy. Awesome!
  • My first thought with this episode was "oh no, another one of Don's ex's". That guys commitment issues could choke a goat. Not a bad episode though. A few light moments with Charlie.

    With Charlie's antics as he gets a little FBI Self-Defense training, Amita and Larry carrying the algorithms and the young chess master passing messages for a gangster in chess plays, there was enough to stop the groan over the ex after a while. And mercifilly that relationship was rounded off well by the end of the story.

    I do hope no more old lovers turn up though and he gets a real relationship – or just stops trying. That whole "new case involving ex lover" thing is getting old. This episode seemed fragmented, I think because the direction wasn't as tight as usual. Numb3rs always has a lot of things going on at once in an episode, but with tight direction it generally flows – I just felt this one didn't flow as smoothly as normal…or maybe it was the mood I was in when I watched it.

    All in all, a good episode but with average (loose) Direction.
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