Season 4 Episode 10

Chinese Box

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • Boring episode!

    It was so boring to watch this episode because it is focus on David Sinclair. I am not fan of him. I am huge fan of Don and Charlie Eppes. I watched it again and it is getting worse to watch it because it is nothing exciting and boring conversation between Sinclair and Shooter in the Elevator. Charlie is so cute and so funny when Alan said saved by the bell. I love it when they said it before getting in. Dylan's brother are special guest of this episode. In real life, Dylan and Chris are brothers. Boring Episode. Oh, by the way, Liz left the Don's team because their relationship didn't worked out. I am not sure if I like Liz or not. I likes Liz 50 percent,not 100%..
  • Weird..

    Assuming i've watched so many series i think this is one of those episodes that come out of the blue. Using this piece of "crap" for a series that will be on hold due to Xmas and New Year is just stupid. It would be better to come on a press conference and say " Hey we want to cancel the show. Can you guys (the audience of course) please stop watching it?"
    Other than than... It's good to see that Veronica Mars' dad is coming up on that with pretty nice performance. I think it was the best part of the episode. About the guy playing Sinclair' role nothing unusual. Just wished this episode never happened
  • boring...

    A random guy walks in to the FBI building and shoots one person before he goes into the elevator, pointing a gun at a woman. The black FBI agent (his name has escaped me at the moment) traded himself for the woman and went into the elevator with him. After a lot of talking by the agent in the elevator, the man decides to give up. The other FBI agents were most likely going to end it violently. Anyways, this episode was really boring and slow. I liked the guest character; he was interesting and paranoid. Overall, not a good story, some character development, and pretty boring.
  • This wasn't one of my favorite shows, forcing me to write a review about it.

    It's obvious that Numb3ers being uncontested in the 10 p.m. slot that the writers might have gotten a little lazy about the show. I usually watch strictly CBS shows on Friday night finding each and everyone of them enjoyable. This show was enjoyable in it's own right. The loose end stories were neatly tied up which was nice. The characters least expected to contribute finally did and the characters one thought one understood turns out to be the least understood. I am hoping that the writing was due to the impending writers strike (at the time) for the show is usually much better. I scored it high, however, for overall, the show is good.
  • Nothing Exciting.

    It was an okay episode, but nothing exciting. The whole episode was basicly in an elevator. Now that I think about it I dont even remember what happened completely. It starts with the paranoid guy shooting this other guy. Then he goes for David, and they end up in an elevator with theyre guns raised at each other. Later they realize paranoid man is really being watched and its not all in his head. Charlie had a chinese box idea, but they didnt really use it. They try lots of things to get the two out, but in the end David convinces him he has something to live for and they leave the elevator.
  • This was not my favorite. It seemed like there were a lot of storylines being wrapped up, Don going off on Reeves, and she seemed like she didn't know what was going on. Overall, it was a good episode, but again...not my favorite.

    I didn't get the whole Title-3 conversation in the beginning when Don was called to the phone while talking with Liz.
    It was great that Alan was able to help solve this one with his knowledge of the elevator.

    Is David always so personable with the bad guys? I think I was uncomfortable at times with the conversation between David and Blakely in the elevator. I guess that if you want to live, you do what you have to do.

    The bad guy seemed to be over-the-top with wanting to kill someone and die because his privacy was abused. I guess I'd have to know what it was like to be watched all the time as he was, and maybe I'd feel differently. Can someone make me a warspying box just in case?
  • Not one of their best.

    I thought this episode was all right, though nothing to write home about. Or even one to re-watch. I thought the whole concept of who had the better plan to rescue David was great. Ultimately, even Alan got into the act, which he needs to do more often I think. What's with Don, snapping at Megan for, that I didn't get. I thought Charlie's frustration of not be able to verbalize his ideas an interesting concept and one I hope can be explored. It would be nice to see Charlie "learn" how to do something. He seems to know everything. I was grateful that the wrapped up the whole Liz break-up thing. It was getting tiresome.