Season 6 Episode 9

Con Job

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2009 on CBS

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  • The man who hijacked a bus and almost got away with $18 mil is back, but this time he's playing for the good guys...or is he? A mastermind using the exact playbook of John Buckley, the mastermind from "Jacked". Don reluctantly enlists Buckley's help.

    Congratulations, guys, you're back on my Watch List.

    Now THIS is more like it. The return of a bad guy, a new bad guy with the perfect crime, seat-edge suspense, enough twists to keep you guessing until the end, the kind of stuff good television is made of.

    The many twists in this episode are quite unpredictable, most of them I didn't see coming, even the one at the very end. My favorite, perhaps is the one that involves a mirror and a couple of delivery guys. It's hard not to like Fisher Stevens' character. A villain that can only (and perhaps not this time) be outsmarted by Charlie Epps, the show's lead genius. A perfect mix of brains, charm, wit, and deviousness. He loves to play by the "Fooled You" crime playbook, and is the master of trickery. A true "Criminal Mastermind". I also love his newfound rivalry with Don, and his respect towards the Eppes Family. I can't wait until the next time these two meet again. And when they do, it'll probably be a surprise message on a Webcam. ;)

    Bad guys being good, good guys being bad, always a hard one to pull off, but the writers did a terrific job of using flashbacks and settle elements for foreshadowing the conclusion. And in multiple ways, it was a "perfect" ending. Despite the lack of screentime, the performances by David Krumholtz, Rob Morrow, Judd Hirsh, and Navi Rawat get an 'A'.

    Bravo on an episode that you can and should use as a model of comparison for your other episodes in the future.

    - R.
  • Don is forced to turn to a convict in order to help with a hostage situation that has occurred at a jewelry exchange.

    After last week's very disappointing episode, it was nice to see an episode which reminds me of why I am a fan of "Numb3rs". The cast is once again in top form. What especially makes this episode work is how the episode's writers took a very familiar formula and took it in a new and interesting direction. It certainly kept me hooked and guessing up until the end. The final scene of the web call between Don and Buckley is well done. The viewer can almost feel Don's frustration themselves as Buckley gets the beermaid to wave to the camera.
  • A robbery turns into a hostage situation leading Eppes to use a criminal he arrested for help.

    "This ain't the get out of free jail card."-Buckley

    "How bout you do the full dime?"-Eppes

    "Got a pen?"-Buckley

    "Better reschedule that lecture."-Alan

    "I want ice cream."-Buckley


    This was a fairly straightforward episode using one of the more overused story lines in crime drama, the robbery hostage situation where a copycat is imitating the same crime done by a previous criminal.

    Well with slight differences. However, as always do to the quality of the writing (see above), the acting, and suspense, we have another high quality episode.

    A robbery turns into a hostage situation led by a lowlife named Maddox. Don's enemy, Buckley, volunteers to help in exchange for a new deal.

    Don doesn't trust him and even suggest that Buckley is in the robbery because it looks like his crime.

    This is one of the few episodes, I can recall where the criminal actually gives a math lesson besides Charlie. The actor playing Buckley is memorable. He has everyone fooled about his intentions except Don who can't shake that he feels that Buckley is doing an act.

    Charlie and the gang try to pinpoint where the loot and criminals are after Maddox pulls off a clever switch to make their escape.

    So this is the last episode seemingly for the year. It's been a great season. This show is still at such a high level that's it's idiotic to cancel it.