Season 5 Episode 9

Conspiracy Theory

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2008 on CBS

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  • Absolutely loved the concept....

    I loved this from the time it was revealed about being link to conspiracy theories. I thought it was a fabulous idea to explore, especially seeing the the FBI a basis for the show. I thought the script and plot overall was great. Revealing but not too much so until the end, just how I like it. Charlie likes math, I love puzzles. The one factor of the show that I loved was the personal aspect of the team. Charlies learning some of Amita's secrets, revealing he doesn't know everything about her. Dave and Colby have the ongoing Kennedy conspiracy arguement. Then Don's continuation with his personal journey and finally involving his girlfriend in his pursuit of what drives him.
  • The gang tackles a two-part bombing of a charity with things to hide.

    Definitely a good episode. Everyone was on point, and everyone had an important task. Not a character was wasted. I loved the sidestory of Charlie, Amita and Larry with the prank and the Hollywood sign. Could've used a little more with the break-ins to the office, home and car, but it wasn't a huge deal. The ep had plenty of twists and turns, including the mysterious burglar who ended up saving Liz's life and taking potshots at David and Colby. My favorite part (which surprisingly doesn't involve Colby)- Robin and Don talking about religion. Two different ideas, and they have to learn to deal with it. Sometimes mixing religions in a relationship isn't easy, glad to see they didn't just glance over it, and showed continuity.