Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 16, 2007 on CBS

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  • A person from David's past is charged with the murder of an MMA fighter.

    A David centered episode. A decent episode overall. One of those "let's have the character deal with his past" type of episodes. David's ex-friend, Ben Ellis is seen sparring with an MMA fighter, moments later the guy is found dead.

    The investigator on the case as a courtesy calls David because apparently Ben knows him. It turns out he does but they aren't as close friends as one would think. A lot of bad blood exists possibly from David neglecting his friend.

    Anyhow, the evidence seems to point that Ben Ellis killed the fighter in order to move up the rankings to get a tight shot at the champ Tino Alva. 1080 poison is found in his gym bag at his locker. Ellis makes a run for it when David confronts which is the dumb thing to do because it makes him look guilty.

    David doesn't know what to think so he gets Charlie to calculate the probabilities that he did it. Meanwhile, as well is apparently spying on Professor Novich (Arye Gross) as he prepares to play against him a poker game.

    Funny stuff as smart as Charlie is, he kinda cheated at the end. I won't say how. Anyway's, just when David thinks he knows what the outcome of the case is, he, Colby, and Epps smell a rat.

    A decent episode. David confronted his past and got closure on a couple of things that were nagging on him. It's a decent character building episode for anyone that wishes to know more about where the character came from.