Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 2005 on CBS

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  • Two Math Geeks of Princeton...

    Charlie and Marshall are fighting and enemy to each other for years! I am so glad they became friend in the end of this episode! They did made a peace. Marshall is really glad that he helped FBI caught three murderers. What a good team work! I really like this episode because of Marshall and Charlie. Amita seemed like Marshall lot but she don't want to socially and she want to focus her work and classworks well. Charlie seemed really suprised that Larry and Amita like Marshall lot because he is great conversationalist!! Great episode, I love it and I hope Marshall will come back to Calsci for visit! I hope so or I wish!
  • from geek to geek

    I enjoyed this episode a lot. I liked the entire plot line but the best part of this episode was the fued that Charlie and Marshall Penfield (him and Charlie went to Princeton together) had. I liked the idea that all the while Penfield was acting like a jerk and trying to get a rise out of Charlie, especially by hanging out with Amita, and Charlie was doing the same and trying to get a rise out of Penfield. The two characters bounced off each other so well that they made the episode far more entertaining. Once again Charlie proves to be the genius he is.
  • Here is an episode when everything works!

    This is an episode that proves that Numb3rs is one of CBS’ best dramas. The opening scene shows why this show works. It’s all counts on the brothers, Don and Charlie. Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz have the perfect on-screen dynamic that makes their characters’ relationship believable and fun to watch. In the screen where David and Colby tell Don that his brother is starting to freak them out, Don handles the situation perfectly. He basically says, "yeah, he’s a freak, but so what he’s my brother." In this episode the intensity of geeky math and the intensity of the FBI merge seamlessly to create one griping hour of television. Colin Hanks guests stars as a rival of Charlie who seems to be out to destroy Charlie’s life-time achievement. The "math fight" between Hanks and Krumholtz is flawless. This is one of the best episodes.
  • Charlie needs to relax

    Charlie was very stressed during the whole episode, like he doesn't like or stand competition. So Amita goes out with this guy and she refuses Charlie's concert invitation? I don't think I like her anymore.
    I also don't think Charlie is wasting his time helping his brother because I think his job is great. Charlie makes me think of those people that want to do a lot but can't fully finish everything. However, with a brain like his, he can do wonders. And the father is always there giving his sons advice and comfort whenever they need it.
    I think Megan is a great addition to the show, but I'm still not convinced if she and Don have chemistry, but they work well together. Also Peter MacNicol's character is very good, playing someone he could only play.
    So these two men were associated with other two to attack people and steal valuable objects and finally killing them.
    Good how two great minds finally solved their differences and talk things out. LG
  • Review

    I think this episode was really good in a way and really terrible in a way. First - the really good way. The Charlie scenes with the other math professor from Princeton were really exciting to watch. To watch them go back and forth over math and the relationsip with Amita actually brought some humor to the show for the change. I enjoyed watching Charlies theory get torn apart, only for him to fix it near the end of the episode and get expired to maybe do some more math equations again. The bad way - I think the cases in this second season are starting to take a turn for the worse. The past 2-3 cases have been really average. This one was no different, with seemingly random connections able to point out the killer. Being able to find a bullet in the ground months after it had been shot? I mean I know Charlie is good at math, but I found the bullet search a little to unreal for me.
  • The Epps Convergence.

    I liked the episode bcuz it was more in the old style. This did have all of the first season written on it. The first season was why I watch this show. The Epps Convergence. Charlie famous math. He believes in this episode that it completely defines who he is. His own little arch nemesis from his alma mater challenges his work. They is a flaw in his math. Charlie then finds a work around that completely fixes the entire thing. Charlie struggled with his feelings in this episode. The math in this episode is fantastic in this one. The character friction is wonderful. The crime this time was a great deal more of a back story.
  • Bad guys are killing people in home invasions, and Charlie has to come to the rescue while his scholarly work comes under attack. The plot is a real throwback to the first season.

    The second season had come so far up to this point, more focus on the FBI work, more complex plots, and more action. Unfortunately this episode harks back to the formula of the first season - There is a crime, Don gives Charlie information, Charlie finds the criminals with math, and Don catches them. This was a big dissapointment. The only difference between this episode and the entire first season is the attempt at more character development and drama between the characters. It pulls off that much, but at best this is a filler in my book, but moreso a regurgitated version of every episode of the first season. Granted, the focus on Charlie's work at school was interested, but the overall plot was ignored in order to focus on it. This episode shows a crash and burn away from crime drama to soap opera. One can only hope that next week's episode will make up for this one.
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