Season 5 Episode 16

Cover Me

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2009 on CBS

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  • A classic Numb3rs episode

    The thing I like most about Numb3rs is that it never gets boring and there are rarely two simillar episodes. Which by all means is already great. The show is in its 5th season and the ratings are still high. I just don't understand why it doesn' get as much media attention as some of the others crime shows..

    So, about this episode-it had almost everything that a great numb3rs episode must have-interesting plot line, brotherly moments, humour, action, adventure.. Of course as many of the others Numb3rs fans I kinda miss Larry! When are we going to see him again? But Amita is back, so that's great.

    As much as I like Liz and her storyline, I'm more of a Colby Granger fan and I'd really love to see some Colby-centered episodes. I hope I'll have them soon =)

    So, this was a great episode, I'm giving it 9,5 coz I really miss Larry..
  • Cool, just when i thought i couldnt love Rob Morrow any more he goes and directs this episode!!!!!!!!

    I loved the 'use' of alan hanging out with Robin and amita meddling in his boy's lives!!! the ending was the sweetest sequence they've had in ages. the story line was interesting if a bit odd however i think David did very well dealing with Liz, and therefore his promotion!

    this episode left a few unanswered questions too, will Alan hint at charlie? will Don take that long weekend, but ultimately we trust this show not to wow the audience with too many things to handle at once this is why we love it on the other hand though SOMETHING has to happen sometime the answers to those questions give us an idea for the future.
    Bottom line we needed the character Dev. BTW Where has Larry gone?
  • Not my favorite.

    I liked the idea concept for this episode and thank's to a certain reality show, I knew about Hawaiian Ice so it made it a little bit more believable. I think Charlie had the right idea, a kinda of drug forecasting. Liz going undercover with David as her handler was an interesting twist but I thought it was carried off pretty well. I liked the added dimension of Liz and a former love interest who now works for the DEA getting her on the inside. The comic relief of the episode was Alan's competetiveness is seeing CALTech's basketball team win a game was perfect knowing his character. But what made it even better was the bonding time between Alan and Amita.
  • Solid show

    What can I say about Numb3rs? Five years and still making interesting stories. I like how they've been using Liz recently but I don't get why some of the stars have been away in some many episodes. I'm not sure but since Megan left, I feel the show lost some of its feminine "touch".
    Don't get me wrong, I like Liz but Megan had more backstory laid out to us and way more charisma.
    The Nikki Betancourt character was a fine add to the cast but can't really compare her to Megan, can we?

    Well, overall, its going fine but I'd really like to see more math going on, especially involving all the "brain trust".. Amita, Charlie and Larry.. the latter being missing for several episodes so far..