Season 2 Episode 19

Dark Matter

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 07, 2006 on CBS
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Don and his team investigate a school shooting. He learns two students could have a strong motive, so Charlie uses the school's radio frequency identification system to track the shooters' movements through the school's hallways. When Charlie detects an abnormal pattern, the agents take a look at the evidence and discover a third participant no one had suspected earlier.moreless

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  • totally unrealistic

    This episode is so unrealistic. Look at Sandy Hook. The police would have swarmed the building. There would be helicopters in the air, and SWAT teams on the ground. The media would be talking about it for days. The case would not be investigated by a small team of four FBI agents. They made it seem like it was no big deal.

    Am I supposed to belive that group of teens can somehow hack into a school security system and create a video game out of scratch? Where did they learn all of this?

    the jocks are on steroids? ya ok

    Then the two girls that were hiding in the room during the shooting. You're telling me that one of these girls had just finished shooting 3 targeted students during all the commotion and the other girl put some pills in her drink at a kegger? And now she is protecting her?

    Oh and the female shooter - she has a credit card at age 17 and went to a motel with the second shooter (both underage) to apparently convince him that they shoot up the school?

    And why was that kid running with the backpack carrying a semi-automatic weapon? for shooting in the forest? why was he running if he was innocent?

    just way too unrealitstic and not plausiblemoreless
  • Tragic story, superbly told

    First class plot. Very sad tale depicting the all to frequent tragic tale of school shootings. The best intro to a Numb3rs episode so far (not inc. season 1). This hooks you into a middle act full of more action, more shootings and more deaths that ramp up the usual investigative scenes to an intense level.

    If you pay attention you will be able to work out the end before you get there. The maths in this episode stands out more than in most as its used with gadgetry to discover what went down.

    Why is it the local videogaming club always falls under suspicion? Dont they realise that virtual guns dont kill people - real ones do!

    Is the more to this than just two teenagers shooting up their classmates? You bet there is!


    A very clever ending. Subtle yet poignant, will leave you in two minds about the perp. Perhaps the best endings also and a very speical episode!moreless
  • Awesome, awesome episode

    There's something about crime shows with school kids that turn against their peers that gets me. It was in both NCIS and Numb3rs. Two of my favourite shows.

    Now, maybe it's because I go to a huge high school, but I found myself terrified at the scenes in this episode. Seeing students and teachers murdered in less than six minutes is terrifying by anyone's standards.

    Colby was especially good in this episode. He shot a kid. Even if the guy was shooting rounds into the air and threatening everyone, he was still just a seventeen year old boy. That's not a good thing to know. And Colby had to deal with that.

    However, away from the depressing side of the episode and into the best part. Larry and Megan! That was awesome. It lightened up an otherwise horrifying storyline. I'm glad there's at least one guy out there who can think creatively for a date. Even if he is a fictional character. Go Larry!

    All in all a brilliant episode.moreless
  • Very sad episode, I have to say it hit close to home for me

    For someone who went to high school at the time of Columbine, this episode is very disturbing to watch. It opens with a bang with the shooting and hold you in suspense til the end. I think it's really well done, you can almost feel the shock of the students when the shooting starts. I think the ending is great, I feel really bad for Karen. This is the only episode in the show's history where I hope the person takes a plea bargain. I have to say I kinda enjoyed Colby decking the wrestler guy, he deserved it big time, I hope he does a lot of time in prision. All in all, it was a great episode, really thrilling to watch.moreless
  • Review

    I thought this episode was a great improvement over some of the episodes that we have been watching over the past few weeks. I thought this episode really jumpstarted season 2 and hopefully it will make it finish strong. Couple of things about this episode. I thought the episode was going to be really bad, thinking it would just be a bad "tribute" to the school shootings that happened at Columbine. However, the episode turned out to be really well written, with the surprise twist at the end that the third shooter was actually a teenage girl that no one saw coming. I thought the date between Larry and Megan went really well, much better then the date between Charlie and Amita did way earlier on in this season. This has been an ongoing little crush that Larry has had for most of the season and I like that the writers have actually stayed with it for as long as they have. If anything will become of this I dont know, but I do enjoy seeing the writers keep up with something for a change. One more thing- I think Colby is easily becoming the star of this show. He has the best action adventure scenes every episode and he has been more of the field agent in this season, replacing Don. I think Colby is one of the best additions this show ever could have had.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Larry and Megan go on their first date.

    • When Charlie, Larry and Amita revisit the school to look for discrepancies, Charlie asks the two police officers if he can borrow their walkie-talkies. The officer to the right has already gone to take his off before the question has been asked.

    • Opening numbers:
      4 YEARS
      192 ROUNDS
      6 MINUTES

    • When Larry asked Megan for a date, he suggested they have "terpsichorean pleasure." The word "terpsichorean" is an adjective meaning of or relating to dancing.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Megan: (About high school) You seemed to end up well...
      Larry: No, well, now... but in the high school? Oh, I don't think you and I would've been on the same table... Uh, in fact, I wasn't permitted a table!

    • Gregory: All right, you wanna know about the DMG? It's simple, we're just a guild of gamers, that's all!
      David: A guild?
      Gregory: I take it you don't know much about MMORPGs...
      Colby: Like starting with 'What the hell they are'? No.

    • Don: How bout we just get pizza.
      Charlie: No, I don't want to go out man, I just got home! There's a lovely pot roast in the fridge.
      Don: Nah, its a week old! C'mon!
      Charlie: How do you know that? Of course, you eat here more than I do.

    • Charlie: Oh hey, you know, you said we were supposed to do something earlier, remember?
      Amita: What?
      Charlie: You said it. We're supposed to do it. Lets go.
      Amita: Right.
      Charlie: See ya.
      Amita: Right. Bye
      (They leave the office)
      Megan: What was that about?
      Larry: Merely a very crude attempt at lending privacy.

    • Charlie: I think you need to loosen up, you know. Free your molecules and your ass will follow.
      Larry: Oh yeah, well, sound advice.

    • Charlie: God, I vowed never to return to high school.

    • Larry: If your main goal is simply to shoot other students, why such a convoluted path?
      Amita: I don't know, insanity maybe?

    • David: Five bucks says he runs.
      Colby: Yeah? Ten bucks says I catch him.

    • Larry: Would you care to join me for dinner, or a show perhaps, or maybe even some terpsichorean pleasure?
      Megan: I don't know what the third one means, but dinner sounds nice.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Larry: If this weren't the new millennium, I'd swear it's all very 1984.
      This is the second reference in the series to the George Orwell novel, 1984, about a dystopian future in a totalitarian state. In the book, the government watches everybody through "Big Brother" and the "Thought Police" are able to virtually read minds.