Season 2 Episode 19

Dark Matter

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 07, 2006 on CBS

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  • totally unrealistic

    This episode is so unrealistic. Look at Sandy Hook. The police would have swarmed the building. There would be helicopters in the air, and SWAT teams on the ground. The media would be talking about it for days. The case would not be investigated by a small team of four FBI agents. They made it seem like it was no big deal.

    Am I supposed to belive that group of teens can somehow hack into a school security system and create a video game out of scratch? Where did they learn all of this?

    the jocks are on steroids? ya ok

    Then the two girls that were hiding in the room during the shooting. You're telling me that one of these girls had just finished shooting 3 targeted students during all the commotion and the other girl put some pills in her drink at a kegger? And now she is protecting her?

    Oh and the female shooter - she has a credit card at age 17 and went to a motel with the second shooter (both underage) to apparently convince him that they shoot up the school?

    And why was that kid running with the backpack carrying a semi-automatic weapon? for shooting in the forest? why was he running if he was innocent?

    just way too unrealitstic and not plausible
  • Tragic story, superbly told

    First class plot. Very sad tale depicting the all to frequent tragic tale of school shootings. The best intro to a Numb3rs episode so far (not inc. season 1). This hooks you into a middle act full of more action, more shootings and more deaths that ramp up the usual investigative scenes to an intense level.

    If you pay attention you will be able to work out the end before you get there. The maths in this episode stands out more than in most as its used with gadgetry to discover what went down.

    Why is it the local videogaming club always falls under suspicion? Dont they realise that virtual guns dont kill people - real ones do!

    Is the more to this than just two teenagers shooting up their classmates? You bet there is!


    A very clever ending. Subtle yet poignant, will leave you in two minds about the perp. Perhaps the best endings also and a very speical episode!
  • Awesome, awesome episode

    There's something about crime shows with school kids that turn against their peers that gets me. It was in both NCIS and Numb3rs. Two of my favourite shows.

    Now, maybe it's because I go to a huge high school, but I found myself terrified at the scenes in this episode. Seeing students and teachers murdered in less than six minutes is terrifying by anyone's standards.

    Colby was especially good in this episode. He shot a kid. Even if the guy was shooting rounds into the air and threatening everyone, he was still just a seventeen year old boy. That's not a good thing to know. And Colby had to deal with that.

    However, away from the depressing side of the episode and into the best part. Larry and Megan! That was awesome. It lightened up an otherwise horrifying storyline. I'm glad there's at least one guy out there who can think creatively for a date. Even if he is a fictional character. Go Larry!

    All in all a brilliant episode.
  • Very sad episode, I have to say it hit close to home for me

    For someone who went to high school at the time of Columbine, this episode is very disturbing to watch. It opens with a bang with the shooting and hold you in suspense til the end. I think it's really well done, you can almost feel the shock of the students when the shooting starts. I think the ending is great, I feel really bad for Karen. This is the only episode in the show's history where I hope the person takes a plea bargain. I have to say I kinda enjoyed Colby decking the wrestler guy, he deserved it big time, I hope he does a lot of time in prision. All in all, it was a great episode, really thrilling to watch.
  • Review

    I thought this episode was a great improvement over some of the episodes that we have been watching over the past few weeks. I thought this episode really jumpstarted season 2 and hopefully it will make it finish strong. Couple of things about this episode. I thought the episode was going to be really bad, thinking it would just be a bad "tribute" to the school shootings that happened at Columbine. However, the episode turned out to be really well written, with the surprise twist at the end that the third shooter was actually a teenage girl that no one saw coming. I thought the date between Larry and Megan went really well, much better then the date between Charlie and Amita did way earlier on in this season. This has been an ongoing little crush that Larry has had for most of the season and I like that the writers have actually stayed with it for as long as they have. If anything will become of this I dont know, but I do enjoy seeing the writers keep up with something for a change. One more thing- I think Colby is easily becoming the star of this show. He has the best action adventure scenes every episode and he has been more of the field agent in this season, replacing Don. I think Colby is one of the best additions this show ever could have had.
  • Great episode

    the plot was taken from current events. this episode is perhaps inspired by columbine. that story was mixed with good ol' tv detective themes in order to work for the show's premise. the writers nails this one, it's a really good episode, the detective work looked fun to watch. the writers made sure it wasn't boring, it was really interesting. the way the scenes were created looks good enough to be disturbing but at the same time entertaining to be watched for a recreational perspective. the teen criminals were interesting themselves, their roles were written well. this is a great episode.
  • Flawed, predictable but still powerful.

    The episode started with a “bang” but it didn’t live up to its potential. The story was far too predictable. I guessed all the key points of the plot, very early on. I liked the “romance” with Larry and Megan. The only high point of the episode. Other than that, it was weak. Alan was sorely missed and Don seemed a bit bored. I give it a few extra points for the opening sequence. A powerful scary scene, well shot and edited. It’s a shame things went downhill from there.
  • 3 monkeys on 2 typewriters could write a better script and employ better Mathematics.

    This is the episode that\'s forcing me to realize that hey, I need to stop watching this show, and despite being a math geek wannabe I\'m just wasting my time here.

    A monkey could figure out the \"math\" involved. No one in the show is using math anymore, they just use basic pre-basic pre-pre-pre-basic common sense obscured by verbose mathematics-jargon psychobabble to make it look like they ever attended a math course, ever. I mean, come on. You\'ve got electronic tags tracking every person involved\'s positions each SECOND of the shooting, and you somehow know exactly when they died to the exact second (this show exists in a universe where these sorts of facts are unquestioned despite GPS tech not relating to a subject\'s conditions OR any witnesses, especially since they didn\'t even actually interview anyone) and you STILL can\'t figure out who\'s who? A monkey could figure it all out before the first commercial break. Maybe they should hire some monkeys instead.

    Gee, you mean victims run AWAY from gunwielding maniacs?! Wow, I really need a math Phd from CalTech to know THAT.

    Then there\'s the plotlines, which...I mean, if you\'re doing a show about the FBI, why not hire a consultant who\'s actually worked for the FBI. The closest these \"writers\" (term used LOOSELY) have ever come to a real criminal investigation is watching 1980s tv shows. Heck, this reads more like an FBI investigation than the episode it\'s about (not to mention being better written, funnier, and if you\'re up for it at home, better acted).

    And what we really needed was another plotline about videogames inspiring school shootings. Way to stay on the cutting edge of the 18th century pop culture, there.

    Geez. I\'m sorry, Joss Whedon, I just can\'t keep subjecting myself to this thing because YOU like it.
  • A great and realistic storyline on schoolshootings...

    Well I must say this was a brilliant episode. School shooting is topic most people are familiar with especially if you are in high school, like me :). Through this episode one really understands the trauma some kids go through in high-school and the effects it can cause. It\'s something most people can relate to because most of us have all been or still are in high school with what we consider jerks who have hurt us either mentally or sometimes even phiscally.
    The acting was great as always (when is it not?) though I do not believe the whole Megan and Larry affair. If you ask me it ain\'t gonna work! But who knows, maybe I will grow more accoustume to it (*cough* not *cough*).
    As always the math was good. I wonder if I could get school credit for watch Numb3rs? If I pay really close attention ok, back to the review.
    Well, that would be all, seeing as it was over all a wonderful episode with twists and turns. Until next episode,
  • I would recommend...I like this episode.

    it was great. I have to agree to see larry and least they did better than eppes and amita...larry always inspire me of his genious... the GPS / chip idea after today new papers, cell phones will have GPS for parents to track kids. School safety at it's best.
  • there is a shooting at a local high school and don gets called to the case

    Meagan + Larry = Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kind of a creepy episode but really really good.
    if only charlie and amita would get together then everything would be perfect. i wish the begining segment didnt have to be so graphic... that kind of brought the episode down a little. one of the best episodes ever
    p.s. where was alan... he didnt show through the entire episode
  • Nice Twist. Larry asks Megan out.

    4 Years, 1.8Million Hazings, 192 Rounds, 6 minutes.
    In this episode, two, of a group of “geek” students part of a “Dark Matter Guild” (aka DMG), rampage though the school killing eight students and injuring another twelve.
    Guild’s are generally associated with MMORPG, most likely spawning from a mythical based MMORPG.
    Later on through Charlie’s calculations, they suspect a third, surprisingly they find one of the three was a mere puppet of the school reporter, Karen Camden. Karen’s motive for puppeteering the shootings was for revenge over her raping at a prior party.
    This episode also shows Megan opening up about her past to Larry during their first date.
  • The team investigates a school shooting in which eight people die.

    Although the plot was slightly predictable I still felt that the math wasn’t woven in to the plot so much that it would seem artificial as in some of the episodes. Also it was nice to see Larry finally ask Meghan out, a nice change of pace in this otherwise disturbing episode. The big part at the end was rather predictable I mean what other bad things can happen to teenage girls at a keg party. All in all a worthy episode to watch.
  • Very predictable, but the Megan and Larry part was very good.

    The main story line of the school shootings was very predictable. I knew there was a 3rd shooter even before Charlie figured it out. It was also very easy to conclude who the 3rd shooter was. The only thing I didn't figure out until they told us at the end was why he or she (no spoilers) did what he or she did.
    The other story line with Megan and Larry was very good. I have noticed them flirting over the last few episodes and it was bound to happen sometime. They do need a little more of the personal stories with the main characters along with a major case. It'll make the show even more interesting than it already is.
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