Season 5 Episode 2

Decoy Effect

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2008 on CBS

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  • Just not up to par.

    Okay, the case as a hole was actually surprisingly boring. Which for me was very un-Numb3rs like. The case was hard to follow and definitely missing Charlie. I think the missing Charlie affect is really coming into play with the cases. Although, the side storyline of Charlie's attempts to get his clearance back I think is going to prove very intresting to watch unfold. McGowan is not going to make things easy for the Ebbs boys. But from the sounds of things he may have other things up his sleeve. Nikki wanting to get her feet wet may want a life preserver before she drowns from pissing off the boss.
  • Don and the team investigate a series of kidnappings in which women are forced to withdraw odd amounts of cash from various ATMs. When one victim is killed while trying to escape, the situation becomes more dire.

    I didn't love this episode, but I will admit I liked it. I think the whole story centering around the kidnappings and why and how the crimes were commited works well. What I also liked was how Don reprimanded one of the agents on his team for not calling in the cavalray. However, what I don't like is the tired plot device of the traditional FBI agent doing all he can to make sure Charlie's security clearance is never restored despite the fact that Charlie has done a lot of good for the FBI. That's something I hope goes away.
  • Am I crazy but I think it was darker in general than what we normally expect but more interesting...

    Every thing that went on felt like it was really meant to be there and be seen.
    There was also definite build up for something to happen next like charlie sneaking in and out of the the FBI or Nikki out to prove something even though Don told her she doesn't have to does no-one else see the writing skill behind this that's taking the show in a more believable direction? I mean sure most episodes they catch the guy and every one is happy but this got to the edge of 'what if it all went wrong?' and pulled it back just in time.

    Bottom line the shows has been waiting for a move like this since 'power'
  • Many different subplots

    It is out of character to have Charlie twisting in the wind.

    The first case is women being kidnapped off the streets, being forced to withdraw odd amounts of money, raped then killed. One was shot on the street as she tried to run away. The man who was shot her was later found dead with the burning getaway truck on fire.

    At the same time, the New Guy, agent Nikki Betancourt, is getting blended into the old team.

    Simultaneously, Charlie is dealing with an FBI bigwig to get his security clearance back. It turns out that this is having more to do with Don than with Charlie. Keith Carradine was great in his role as Carl McGowan. Tough but fair, Don said. I find McGowan to be mysterious, with some kind of ax to grind. There is more meaning than what is being said.

    The mind blowing reason behind the crimes is revealed and the case winds up in spectacular fashion.

    As before, I liked the show but did not love it. CBS is dragging this security clearance thing out too long. I know I have to wait three more episodes before things are back to normal and I do not like it.