Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • A few things that erked me...

    I had some issues with this episode, which is why I didn't rate it as high. Like what was the deal with the flash drive in the watch? Someone happens to mention, while looking at a pen, that all kinds of devices have flash drives in them. So they happen to find one in her watch? What are the odds of that? I bet Charlie could tell us...

    In this show, the little guy, Oswald also has a "analoguous moment" (my own dictionary) where we get to see an illustration of his explanation with the wine glasses which had previously only been afforded to Charlie, and once for Amita.

    What was with the showdown of staring between Don and Tuttle? it was a hokey "Guy driving by slowly and lowering his window" while Don was lowering his sunglasses for a "Staring Showdown". It was a tad cheap.
  • Review

    Nothing happened of importance in this episode. A couple of cool special effects when people were dying, but nothing big as far as story advancement. I wasnt all interested in the case and I thought this was a horrible episode to follow "One Hour", clearly the best episode of numbers ever. The acting was solid, I just didnt like the writing. There final capture was something that you could have seen coming, so even that didnt make up for the filler epsiode. I cant even get this review to one hundred words, I needed this final sentence to even make it there.
  • Charlie and Don investigate Richard Tuttle, a wealthy billionare who is the prime suspect in a group of murders.

    An let's get the rich person whose done a lot of horrible things episode.

    Charlie in the beginning gets a visit from a friend who gives him a list of people who mysteriously died. She ends
    up dying herself and Charlie knows this isn't a coincedence.

    He can't uncover the connection behind the deaths until Don and the team focus their attention on a billionare named Richard Tuttle. It seems all the people that died all worked for the person even though he says he never met them all.

    Later, we see the facts and what Tuttle is hiding. It was a decent episode straightforward to the end.

    I didn't care too much about this Oswald character though. He didn't do anything in this episode and was just there as comic relief basically.

    If there going to make a recurring character they need to make him more complicated than just a deadbeat kid whose very smart.

    They didn't really explain Megan's absence in the end but it surely will be explained near the end of the season.
  • Great show about up to date issues.

    I love this episode. Bringing back the old troubled character was genius, and could lead to more episodes for him. He plays off Charlie well. The topic of electronic voting machine tapering was well discussed, and handled. Even if you don't believe it is happening in real life, the idea of it made a great program. Charlie did a wonderful job of explaining different aspects of math theory as usual, and I really enjoyed his interaction with his boss, and the kid he was trying to convince to come to his college. They did a great job of hiding the actress who does Megan's real life pregnancy. I will miss her while she is gone to have the baby. I can't wait to see Megan and Larry back together on the show.
  • A poor bit about an election fraud coupled with a series of murders.

    It's obvious the writer and the director were new to this job. The camera shots were cliche, the dialogue was awful, and this episode made talented actors appear inexperienced. It is a sad day when good characters are given terrible material and having to work with a weak director. It forces them into the obvious, over-acting. Poor wirter, weak director. Great piece for a film class to learn from: what not to do. Judd Hirsch was the only redeaming light in the entire episode. Hopefully next week's episode will show more talent and creativity, and leave the writer and director of this episode behind.
  • A very good episode with some quite entertaining moments.

    It rather surprised me to see two really good episodes in a row. Usually, there is one really good followed by a weaker one, but this one got me!

    I loved to see Oswald again. He is an odd but lovable character. He, Charlie and Millie are quite the team. Maybe that's why I still don't miss Larry. I do like his character but if he never returned, I wouldn't mind :)

    The plot of the ep was quite interesting too. I don't live in the US so I have no idea how the Americans vote. That's why it was a bit hard to "get" what they were talking about. But I thought it was well thought through and I found out quite a few interesting things. Like the fact that when people try to write down random numbers, they use a lot of 7s and 3s :)

    But even though I like Megan's character, her "problem" with the FBI director didn't interest me much. Well, Diane Farr is pregnant so she needs some time off but I'm still not interested in that plotline.

    I loved the family scenes very much! "Another one!" and "They are taking over!" were my most favorite quotes. It sounded like as if they were talking about aliens :D Well, Don and Papa Eppes probably see Charlie and Osvald as aliens :D And Papa Eppes asking about Don moving back home... So cute! Charlie's admission that it bothered him that the murder didn't quite bother him was interesting too. Papa Eppes now has to "world-weary sons" :D

    Though I hope to see Tuttle back. I mean, I like self-contained episodes best but a little arc would be nice too. I mean, they solved a lot of cases but nobody threatened them personally yet, not really. It would be great to see some angst that would be family-related, not case-related. I need some h/c!
  • The return a bit part character, the possible leaving of a main charcter, a menacing Bill Sadler and an enthralling story. One of my faves of the season.


    Really enjoyed this episode, with the introduction of a super villain who has the power to kill anyone he wants with virtual impunity and an agenda for power, as Mr Epps puts it; 'This Tuttle wants to be a King Maker.'

    'I'm not done with him yet, don't you worry' Says Don at the end of the episode when Tuttle has managed to insulate himself from the murders.

    Will he be back to gain a measure of revenge of the brainiacs at Cal-Sci? Certianly bold and ruthless enough.

    So what's going on with Megan? Is she leaving for good? I certainly hope not and suspect it will just be a temporary secondment to the DOJ, whilst going through the latter weeks of her preganacy.

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