Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • Charlie and Don investigate Richard Tuttle, a wealthy billionare who is the prime suspect in a group of murders.

    An let's get the rich person whose done a lot of horrible things episode.

    Charlie in the beginning gets a visit from a friend who gives him a list of people who mysteriously died. She ends
    up dying herself and Charlie knows this isn't a coincedence.

    He can't uncover the connection behind the deaths until Don and the team focus their attention on a billionare named Richard Tuttle. It seems all the people that died all worked for the person even though he says he never met them all.

    Later, we see the facts and what Tuttle is hiding. It was a decent episode straightforward to the end.

    I didn't care too much about this Oswald character though. He didn't do anything in this episode and was just there as comic relief basically.

    If there going to make a recurring character they need to make him more complicated than just a deadbeat kid whose very smart.

    They didn't really explain Megan's absence in the end but it surely will be explained near the end of the season.