Season 6 Episode 13

Devil Girl

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 29, 2010 on CBS

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  • Quite a good episode for numbers

    Quite a good episode for numbers. Was that Larry at the end? My husband thought is was but I wasn't sure I recognised him.
  • Don and the team investigate a serial killer who appears to be targeting men who are regular clients of prostitutes. While pursuing the killer driving the car of one of the victims, Colby and Nikki crash their car putting Nikki in the hospital.

    This episode is an improvement over the previous one. Mainly because it has a better written script and a more compelling story. It was also not watered down with scenes of contrived dialogue. The opening scenes, when the killer follows a victim in a hotel, were a high point because it leads the viewer in one direction while the story goes in a different one. Another positive aspect is how a number of suspects are presented which keeps the viewer guessing. The best part however, might just be at the end when we see a familiar face walking on by.
  • The team goes on the hunt for a serial killer who seems to be targeting men who sleep with hookers. While on the hunt for the stolen car of a murder victim, Colby crashes the cruiser, injuring Nikki but manages to save her in time before the car blows up

    As an episode on its own, I thought it was a very well directed episode. Even though they did a bad job with getting the audience to sympathize with the Devil Girl, I still felt sympathy for her, but maybe I'm just a softie. Nikki needs to stop being such a "bad-ass" and show some weakness, but I suppose her taking up the case of the dead hooker is a way of showing that she has a weakness. Overall, even though they could have used a lot more math in this episode, it was still a good one.

    Also, the crossing of a former character with Don made me very excited for the ending of this season, which I hear is the series finale.