Season 6 Episode 13

Devil Girl

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 29, 2010 on CBS

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  • The team goes on the hunt for a serial killer who seems to be targeting men who sleep with hookers. While on the hunt for the stolen car of a murder victim, Colby crashes the cruiser, injuring Nikki but manages to save her in time before the car blows up

    As an episode on its own, I thought it was a very well directed episode. Even though they did a bad job with getting the audience to sympathize with the Devil Girl, I still felt sympathy for her, but maybe I'm just a softie. Nikki needs to stop being such a "bad-ass" and show some weakness, but I suppose her taking up the case of the dead hooker is a way of showing that she has a weakness. Overall, even though they could have used a lot more math in this episode, it was still a good one.

    Also, the crossing of a former character with Don made me very excited for the ending of this season, which I hear is the series finale.