Season 5 Episode 21


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 01, 2009 on CBS

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  • "Numb3rs" marks its 100th episode with Charlie still feeling guilt over Don's brush with death. To deal with his remorse, Charlie works dilligently with Don's team trying to track down a serial killer who struck again recently.

    This episode is one worth remembering. Not just because it is a milestone episode, but because it's well written and acted. Another reason is the slight deviation from the norm this episode takes. With Don still in recovery, it was good to see Agent Sinclair as the head man on the team. Alimi Ballard gives a very good performance in this episode.(Far better than the episode 12:01am where he was so concerned about his vacationing partner Agent Granger.). While it's good to know Don will return in the next episode, it's nice to see other characters stand out. Entertaining episode.
  • Best Numb3rs episode this season!

    Seriously, best Numb3rs episode this season and a perfect 100th episode! Loved it from the beginning till the end =)
    Best parts :
    1) The references to the Pilot : * Larry's speach to Charlie (helping him solve the problem) * Charlie doing his math with his headphones on (missed that simple and kinda childish Charlie from S1) * Charlie and Larry in CalSi * The music * The ending-with the brothers walking together

    (Well, obviously I am a fan of the show =) )

    2) David asking "May I take this one" =) Lmao. I didn't actually remember that only David and Charlie are in the team from the Pilot (not counting Don, coz he's the boss and Amita&Larry coz they joined later)

    3) Alan's speach about the brothers and Don&Charlie's exchanged looks

    4) The actual case though, was kinda complicated and a twisted (seriously, why did they have to show us the bloody child's clothes??) but it still was interesting

    I can go on for a long time, because I'm so excited about this episode. It was awesome, missed that old Numb3rs vibe.. Just hope next episodes and next season (there would be a next season, RIGHT??? ) would be even better =)
  • Charlie's Coping Mechanism

    I appreciated the fact that they explored delved deeper in to Charlie's post-traumatic reaction to Don's stabbing. He's not oblivious to the connection of his new obsession with the invisible serial killer to his need to compensate for the error made when Don got stab. He has some people believing he's overreacting but some also believing he's on to something. I love the irony of Charlie having doubts about Mark Horn's focus on the first victim. When they put the pieces of the puzzle together, the picture is a very scary one. I loved the line Charlie gives of how he deals with trauma and crisis it was perfect.
  • Brilliant 100th episode. They threw in several little references to episodes from previous seasons which was a lot of fun for devoted fans. The plot was similar to the first episode's and was true to the show's original plot. A truly perfect episode!

    100 episodes, wow! The show is still strong. This was an amazing episode. I was so happy to see that it really stuck to the original plot of the show. Some of the episodes from this season have been going off to sub-plots, but I was thrilled that these last two episodes really stuck to the relationship between Charlie and Don the way it was in Season One. The acting was great, especially on David Krumholtz part, he played his role as Charlie very believably. The ending was really sweet and reminded me why I watch the show!

    100 Episodes Strong,
    now hopefully Numb3rs will make it to 100 more!
  • A serial killer is on a killing spree..

    So Charlie is obsessed with work after Don's almost died in the hospital.

    He designes a cluster theory, which at first is considered only post traumatic stress behavior due to his brother's accident.

    But as the killings pilled on, and more facts are thrown into the mix with the help of our geek conspiracy friend (who I forgot the name by the way..), everyone starts to believe it's the real deal.

    Aside from the geek guy's weird behaviour, I like how Don was just playing it cool. He's been having that identity and religous crisis since he shot that woman in the car with the sniper rifle. But now he seems focused and calm. Good for him. Hope to seing him in action in the next episode!

  • Another incredible episode!

    After such a great episode last week I was expecting something a little less amazing this week.... WRONG! What a great episode! Charlie is definitely still reeling from Don's accident, but throughout the episode he really seems to find his stride again. Don on the other hand really seems to have found the peace he's been searching for for so long. All the rest of the cast is amazing, including a guest star who made me laugh everytime he came onscreen. The crime itself was gripping and horrible at the same time, not the same type as the very first episode but definitely had a feeling of nastalgia about it. This episode reminds us why we tune in every week for this show. I know I say this everytime, but I'll say it again, go see it!!!
  • An stellar example of why I watch this show!

    This episode is perhaps the finest example of why I watch this show.

    With Don's recent stabbing on his mind, Charlie Eppes sets out to solve an as-of-yet undetected serial killer case; with everyone at the FBI thinking he's obsessing over his brother's injury, will Charlie be able to convince them of the serial killer's ezistence? Better yet, will he catch his man?

    This episode showcased the show's trademark mathematical crime solving. The practical application of mathematics to crime solving is an interesting spin on the traditional cop drama. What also makes this show interesting is the forever evolving relationship between Don and Charlie Epps. As skeptical as people may be, this is an excellent show!

    Bottom Line: Tune in!