Season 5 Episode 21


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 01, 2009 on CBS

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  • Best Numb3rs episode this season!

    Seriously, best Numb3rs episode this season and a perfect 100th episode! Loved it from the beginning till the end =)
    Best parts :
    1) The references to the Pilot : * Larry's speach to Charlie (helping him solve the problem) * Charlie doing his math with his headphones on (missed that simple and kinda childish Charlie from S1) * Charlie and Larry in CalSi * The music * The ending-with the brothers walking together

    (Well, obviously I am a fan of the show =) )

    2) David asking "May I take this one" =) Lmao. I didn't actually remember that only David and Charlie are in the team from the Pilot (not counting Don, coz he's the boss and Amita&Larry coz they joined later)

    3) Alan's speach about the brothers and Don&Charlie's exchanged looks

    4) The actual case though, was kinda complicated and a twisted (seriously, why did they have to show us the bloody child's clothes??) but it still was interesting

    I can go on for a long time, because I'm so excited about this episode. It was awesome, missed that old Numb3rs vibe.. Just hope next episodes and next season (there would be a next season, RIGHT??? ) would be even better =)