Season 5 Episode 21


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 01, 2009 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When the FBI tech is talking about Kim Rossmo's work he is referring to Robert Pickton's serial killing of sex trade workers in Vancouver.

    • During the scene with Colby and Liz in the car during the stakeout, they discuss the movie Sea of Love. Colby asks if Liz is a Pacino fan, and she replies that she's a Michael Rooker fan. Michael Rooker played Don Eppes' partner in the original unaired pilot of Numb3rs.

    • Opening Numb3rs:
      2,260 MURDERS
      100 EPISODES

    • In the opening numbers, the bottom right quadrant notes "100 EPISODES." This is the 100th episode of Numb3rs.

  • Quotes

    • Alan: Yeah, I was worried before that you two had grown so far apart that I was the only thing you had in common. I figured that after I died, you might spend years not seeing each other, but, um, to tell you the truth, I'm not worried about that anymore.

    • Alan: It's a home improvement project I hope you'll both help me out on.
      Don: Well, I already told you I would.
      Alan: Alright, so front and back yard landscaping, take a look.
      Charlie: You're asking him about it? What about me? I own this house.
      Don: Oh yeah, like you care what hedges he puts out.
      Charlie: Point made.

    • (Larry sides with Roy on encouraging Charlie to look at a piece of evidence he found)
      Roy McGill: Thank you, astrology dude! (puts arm around Larry's shoulder)
      Larry: (pats Roy back) Astronomy.

    • Larry: Well, whatever is missing, it lies beyond all of this. You seek to quantify a single individual as some simple, elegant mathematical pattern. But this universe is full of all these odd bumps and twists, and so are people. Perhaps your approach needs to be less elegant, more complicated.
      Charlie: Haven't we had this conversation before?
      Larry: Well, cosmologically speaking, everything that happens, has happened before.

    • Charlie: You got stabbed, how can you be so calm about it?
      Don: Well I survived, for one thing.
      Charlie: Who are you? What have you done with my brother?

    • Larry: Charlie you're living and working out of boxes now. You've become a previous incarnation of me!

    • (Team members are discussing all the links and possible coincidences in the case to determine whether it is a serial killer or not)
      Charlie: Even I have to ask... What are the odds?

    • Charlie: This is weird, knowing who the killer is and not being able to prove it.
      Larry: It's not unlike that period between forming a theory and finding the proof that supports that theory.
      Charlie: Well most theories don't relocate, switch identities, and resume killing people.
      Larry: No, not that we know of.

    • Charlie: Some people drink, some gamble. I analyze data.

  • Notes

    • International Air Dates:

      The Netherlands: June 21, 2009 on Veronica

      Norway: September 3, 2009 on TV2

      Germany: February 20, 2010 on Kabel 1

      Czech Republic: June 22, 2010 on TV Nova

      Finland: July 10, 2012 on Sub

    • Music used in this episode was "Heaven" by I Monster and "Numbered Days" by Eels.

    • Michelle Feynman, who played the mother in the scene where a boy is trying to TP a house, is the daughter of Richard P. Feynman. He is the Nobel Prize-winning mathematician and physicist on whom Cheryl Heuton and Nicolas Falacci modeled the Charlie Eppes character.

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