Season 2 Episode 13

Double Down

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2006 on CBS
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A murder investigation at a Los Angeles card club leads the FBI to a complicated card-counting scheme involving college students.

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  • Rollers

    This is one of my favorite episode in this show! I watched over and over on DVD. I totally loves this episode lot! It is so cool Charlie want to learn about gambling, cards at Casino Club with Larry and Amita. But Charlie is really genius at gambling because he taught his lectures about Eppes Classic for gambling, slots, cards, and more. He think it is not safe to lecture about it, or not? I can't believe it three college man want to win money all of time with more accounts! They are not even age 21 yet! I love this episode!!!moreless
  • One of my fav subjects


    Its about card counting - not my fav subject, but gambling is one of them. The premise lead me to believe that the anatagnist is outside of the group involved in the scam. Its been a long time since I can say I didnt see it coming - though I should have.

    The plot is well spun, not too fast developing but pacy - in the usual Numb3rs style. Its about 50/50 cop investigation and maths deciphering which is what I tend to find a good threshold for my taste.

    Special appearance from the actor who played Nelix in ST:Voyager for fans of his will edge this episode up anothe few notches.

    Interesting and well executed - no pun intended.moreless
  • Don and the FBI ask Charlie to help solve a murder at a casino that may involve a elaborate card counting scam and a string of other murders.

    This is the first episode I have seen for season 2. It just came that way in the mail. I was hoping they would get rid of Megan Reeves. I don’t know if it’s her acting or just the character. Something doesn’t fit.

    I love numbers & gambling, so I have to say this episode was a real treat. In this Episode Charlie is called in when the FBI discover that an elaborate card counting scam gone bad has set off a string of murders involving college students. This episode was also revealing when we find out that Dr. Larry Fleinhardt was involved in card counting with the main suspect. The overview for this episode does not do it justice. It’s worth watching.

  • Review

    I thought that the episode was really good, with the main focus being on the past of Larrys days as a blackjack cheater. Learning about some of the characters past is something i really like and I was happy to get insight on a little bit of Larrys past. The case in question was really good too. There wasnt a whole lot of math, but the ones that there were I thought were explained well and easily understanable. I thought the case was solved in a realistic way, which is something I think Season 2 needs to do a better job of. A lot of cases this season have been so random, this one I at least liked the twist at the end that one of the three guys was behind it all along.moreless
  • NUMB3RS giving back to the math community.

    This particular episode was especially great for me. I had just read "Bringing Down The House", and it was delightful to see the cameos by Ben Mezrich and his MIT buddies. I wish thay could have gotten more in-depth with the card-counting system, not only from the mathematical standpoint, but all the theatrics that go behind it. Oh well, guess I'll have to wait for the movie. Still, a nice tribute paid to some of the coolest mathematicians of our time.moreless
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