Season 4 Episode 15

End Game

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 2008 on CBS

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  • Don and the team continue their search for Cole Porter, a Marine wanted for murder. The case becomes more complicated when two of Porter's former compatriots kidnap his father and sisters. Plus, Charlie and his father have isues over "greening".

    This is a good episode, but there is too much going on here to make this episode one of the better ones of the season. The story lines focusing on Don's relationship troubles and Charlie and his father's diagreements about converting the house to environmentally friendly technologies are a distraction and are totally unnecessary here. The focus should have been on the case involving Cole Porter because that is the main point of this story. While that part of the episode is well done, it does have its flaws as well. This episode is worth your time, but it's flawed.
  • I enjoyed thss episode, a little more focus on Characters and their decisions than on the case, but I thought it led to a good episode over all.

    I like it when the episodes are well rounded in the characters, and I definitely thought that this episode did an excellent job of this. I thought it was really cool that it was a follow up on an episode before it, I had hoped they would do that sometime. Charlie seemed rather unneeded and underused, and a little annoying to me personally, but since he's not one of my favorite characters I don't really mind.. We did see Colby struggling with some of the army problems, which I love when they do, and David helping him through it, a nice switch from the last episode. He also gotta duke it out in a store, which I thought was fun to watch. Don still is going against the rules and will hopefully come to a head with that in an upcoming episode. He's starting to have some problems again, it had some resolution by the end, but we'll see if it lasts. He and Robin are sweet together, I jsut hope it lasts! And when did Liz get back??? She just seemed like one of the team again. Overall, not my favorite, but pretty good, it had some great character moments and growth so I give it a 9/10
  • Not enough case focus.

    This episode was definitely different. It seemed to be more about personal lives than about the return of Porter. I thought it was interesting how they did have him return. Using his family as bait to get him to come back and out in the open, knowing he was a wanted man. But I thought there to much focus on personal lives. We had Larry's lack of ambition, turning the Ebbs house green, we had Liz giving Don girl advise and Colby dealing with his issues with his military service. I don't mind some character development using one or two characters at a time, not all of them all at once. I think too much personal focus takes too much away from the case/script