Season 3 Episode 13

Finders Keepers

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 12, 2007 on CBS

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  • Another pointless trip

    They didn't need to go all the way out to the boat to hear about what Charlie thought he could do with the data they needed to collect. The actual data that Charlie got was from Colby, and Colby had it prior to them going back out the the barge. They never got any of the other data... So essentially, they went out there for nothing. Knowing what I do about L.A., that would have been one hell of a trip out to the marina for nothing. They arrive and talk about what Charlie could do with different pieces of data, Colby says he has the fuel usage, and engine hours, then they leave... Ouch.
  • Review

    I thought this was one of the better episodes of the season simply because this was the episode that showed that losing Peter in "Killer Chat" isn't going to be that big of a deal. Dianne Farr (Megan) is obviously pregnant in this episode that I didnt notice before so it looks like she is going to be doing a lot of sitting down in the next few episodes and may have a couple of episodes off. I thought the episode showed itself in the outside the scene character devolopment aspect and the case itself. I like the math Charlie used in this epsiode as well as his demenstration to the NSA - making it nice and simple to make us understand what he is talking about. I thought Don's character devolopment was exceptional in this episode with him and Liz Warner making it offical at the end of the episode - it seems that Liz was only holding back because of Don's past and if Don is able to get over that we could seea pretty big character switch in the upcoming weeks or he'll begin to break down if Liz and him dont work out.
  • So now we're getting to know Millie? And she's OK after all?

    I think I know what's happening with Millie. It must be something they teach in TV writers' school. Any time you write a new boss into a show, it is mandatory that he/she be at first unlikeable. In fact, the more liked the old boss, the more hateful the replacement. Then after a couple episodes, start giving the newbie some personality, some redeeming qualities, a reason to get invested emotionally and voila -- new boss is OK after all. To cite a few examples of bosses that grew on us: Dr. Camille Saroyan on "Bones"; Dr. Kerry Weaver on "ER"; Colonel Potter on "M.A.S.H."; ADA James Conlon on "Close to Home"; General Cresswell on "JAG"; Director Jenny Shepard on "NCIS"; and Lt. Thomas Bale on "NYPD Blue" -- remember how hateful this former Rat Squad boss was at first?
    In this ep, Millie reveals her rebellious past in which she dropped out for 3 months to go sailing; she saw Charlie working on FBI/NSA projects on university time and didn't get all radical; and she actually went to the trouble of learning chess strategy only because Alan likes the game so much. Aww, maybe she's OK after all.
    I was kind of surprised that the NSA didn't postulate early on that the yacht didn't actually sink -- don't they have think tanks for such? Pretty good plot idea to have the racing yacht pick up sensitive missile guidance systems in Singapore to be delivered in LA. Poor plotline to say they "were tracking" them, though. If they knew where they were, why didn't they swoop down on the yacht at sea and confiscate them?
    I liked that Don stood up to the NSA guys when they threatened to yank Charlie's security clearance. I know we were supposed to feel good about the eventual interagency cooperation. But isn't counter-terrorism on US soil the primary mandate of the FBI since 9/11?
    We did get to see a good outcome, but it's scary how easily missiles -- even poorly made ones -- might slip into the US on a container ship. It was also nice seeing Don be the one who is ready to see where it goes with Liz. The other factor that this ep had that has been tabled somewhat this year is the fraternal interplay between Charlie and Don. It really pained Charlie not to be able to tell Don about NSA. This was a lot like early eps in the series. Oh, and Charlie got to renew his first love -- fluid mechanics!
  • By far the best episode all season

    I loved this episode. It was the first episode all season in which Don calls Charlie buddy. Excluding episodes 1-3, and 5, which I haven't seen. I loved the part where Don wants Charlie to help him but Charlie says he can't but can't tell him why. He got upset, Charlie got upset it reminded me of season one. When Don defended Charlie to the NSA agents was really good too. The brother relationship that's been missing all season was finally brought into play. Only bad part was Millies and Liz's involvement. My favorite episode from season three.I hope there'll be more like it.
  • Reminds me of SeasonOne. Genius Charlie is back. And the brotherly interaction, which has been absent this season, was great.

    I think this was the best episode this season, if not one of the all time best. The show was well written, solid story, good conclusion. The crime seemed real and the investigation did too. I like how the FBI/NSA conflict turned around and did not get dragged out. Charie's math was relevant.

    I thought Charlie the Genius stood out strongly in this episode. I thinks it's great when he wows people. I like the conflict between Don and Charlie; they are both so good at this type of interaction. I think Millie is become so funny. She is also very smart, but does not outshine Charlie, which is how it is supposed to be. Great to see a "normal" looking woman doing an important character.

    I even thought Liz was OK, and I like that they seem to want to keep the romance in the background.

    And, as always loved the Eppes family moments, and Millie's presence did not mar the scene. Finally, my show is back!!!!
  • An expensive racing yacht disappears during a race. Don calls on Charlie to help with the case as usual but Charlie is suddenly approached by the NSA and told to focus his efforts on locating the wreck, which causes Charlie mounting frustration.

    I very much liked how this episode played itself out. The viewers think they are going on an old fashioned treasure hunt until some new developments occur which add to the enjoyment of the episode. David Krumholz gives one of his best performances as Charlie Epps in "Finders Keepers." One thing I did not like at all in the episode is the possibly budding romance between Charlie and Don's father and Millie. Kathy Najimy does in my opinion a very bad job in this series. Her character is extremely dislikeable and badly written. I hope Millie says good-bye soon.
  • This episode was okay but I must admit I was a little, just a little, disappointed.

    It was most definitely the best Charlie storyline that I have seen in awhile but the NSA guys, I mean come on, they were a bit too Dragnet for me. It seems to me that if two so-called government agencies were working on the same case and employed the same brains they should have been on the same team but perhaps I am too naive. And, please, somebody rescue us from Charlie's new boss what is her name Millie or something I can hardly remember her name from one episode to the next. Don't get me wrong it's not a personal attack on the actor herself because I really have liked her a lot in other things, she just seems a little out-of-place on the show. She doesn't quite meld in like Colby and Meagan did when they joined the series.
  • it was ok, but it wasnt one of the best Numb3rs episodes

    did they really want us to believe that no one else would have thought of the boat simply turning off its radar and still sailing? and surely the ppl with the homeland security agency (i forget which one exactly they were) were smart enough to figure out a boat doesnt just sink straight down
    is charlie seriously the only person on the planent who can do math???
    i mean, i like the show, dont get me wrong, but this is taking the whole charlie does math for the fbi thing too far
    i understand the brother in the fbi connection, but there are other ppl who can do math in the world and im sure ever y govt agency in the U.S. has genius/really smart ppl in it who would have been able to figure out at least that the boat didnt go straight down and it was possible it turned off its radar
    other than that several other things bothered me
    the fact that the other agents were walking with charlie outside with lots of ppl around and then tell him to not tell anyone about it (if they were that concerned with it leaking why werent they at some secure location???)
    the tough guy attitude of the other agency guys
    don getting so upset that charlie hadnt finished, does don realize everything charlie does for him is volunteered?
    and this whole millie thing... i dont know what i think of her, at first we werent supposed to like her, now theyre trying to make her likable? im confused
    anyway, i like numb3s, i just didnt really like this show, the storyline was weak and too far fetched
    and i saw more or the chess playing and other agency than i did of the agents interacting and solving the case
    that being said i still watched it till the end so it wasnt that bad...